Alen Prošić

Primož Pirnat and Anže Zevnik

October 2017

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About the performance

One day in April, Eric Packer, a New York multimillionaire, decides to take upon a seemingly simple task: to visit a hairdresser on the other side of Manhattan. The voyage in a luxurious, bulletproof, high-tech white limousine turns out to be nothing less than a futuristic odyssey. Packer’s path is blocked by traffic jams due to the visit of the USA president later due to the anticapitalistic protest, and later  due to the  funeral procession for a Sufist rapper. Detours on the way to his destination are getting longer and longer also because of coincidental encounters with his wife, and non-coincidental “encounters” with less fatal women. Due to his confident belief that the value of the Japanese yen will drop, Packer incidentally loses huge amounts of his own capital and the capital of others. Shutting out the possibility of the unpredictable, on which he is constantly quietly reminded by his asymmetrical prostate, doesn’t only cost him his money but also the illusion about his immortality. "I will not die, it’s the world that will end."