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Jaka Ivanc

Nina Ivanišin, Primož Pirnat

Puppets made by:
Patricija Čičmir

Set made by:
Klemen Stare, Jože Zalar

Set design:
Miha Knific

Costume design:
Aleksandra Brlan, Tina Bonča

Davor Herceg

Video and lights design:
Nejc Saje

Opening performance:
November 2009

Artistic and puppetry performance according to cult radio performance/play by Frane Puntar.

About the performance

How nice it would be, if every time our body plays tricks on us, we could simply creep into our selves and repair things in there. Let's say – when we feel sick or if we have stomachaches, when we have sore throat, are burning with fever or have the flu? Or let’s say when we have hearth aches, because we have unnecessarily got into the argument with our friend? Yes, it would be nice, if we could just creep into our selves and fix things.

But can we – creep into our selves?

Dwarf Climber is certain he knows the way. He is the best friend of our little girl who is thrilled over her nickname – Little Bear. He says that it’s quite simple. You just grab your lower yaw and puuuulllllllll reeeeeeaaaaallllll haaaaaaarrrrrrrd – and presto, you are inside. Once you are inside you quickly learn why it is important to eat well so your legs can carry you. How much food you need that you don’t only scratch your head and pick your nose with your fingers but instead one-two, one-two exercise. And of course the scholar in your head needs a strong meal if he wants to correctly do the math, so that the lady in the pastry shop doesn’t give us to the wrong amount of change back when we buy a scoop of ice cream.

And when our body is satisfied we have our heart to take care of. Food doesn’t help there. In our heart there has to be room for all of those we care about. If something goes wrong there, no amount of food and drinks can help. We will continue to be unhappy and in a bad mood and we won’t even realize why. That is why we must always ensure that all those we care about, have their right place in our heart.

With the help of the creative team we have tried to set a cult radio play of Frane Puntar “The Little Bear Creeps into Himself” from the memories of radio cassette tapes onto the stage. With the help of video projections, animation, puppets, live feeds, music and singing we have tried to create a dreamy fantasy of the journey into the human body that works, as we can see in the performance, a lot different and more simple than we think.

Frane Puntar represents the central name in Slovene plays for children. In his works, he created a new, artistically deep and effective direction which brings strong upgrading of words and the language »story« through acoustic material, so the listener is offered some kind of an »acoustic picture book« or a »sound collage«.