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Ivica Buljan

Dramaturgy and text adaptation:
Goran Ferčec

Zoran Prodanović Prlja, Marko Cindrić, Frano Mašković, Marinko Leš, Damir Martinović Mrle, Matej Zec, Branko Kovačić, Dražen Baljak, Tomislav Kvartuč, Damjan Simić, Elvis Hodžić, Davor Ćiković, Ivan Magud, Ivan Ožegović, Boris Barukčić, Miroslav Mlinar

Set design:
Ivan Fijolić

Ana Savić Gecan

Let 3

Light shaping:
Nikša Mrkonjić

Scena Gorica, Teatar ITD and Mini teater

26th February 2011

There is a time for tragedy. There is a time for comedy.

About the performance

The only preserved satiric play written by Euripides is now directed by Ivica Buljan. The original text was adaptated by Goran Ferčec. This is the first staging of the text as - due to its non-determination - no one had enough courage to put it on stage so far.   

Euripides’ satiric play The Cyclope is based on a known episode from the ninth chant in Homer’s Odissey. Today, the text can  be read as a genre intensifying the moral weaknesses of an individual by treating them ironically, a genre disclosing the duplicity of the time by revitalizing it, and at the same time, a genre criticizing the society through satire by exculpating its weaknesses.

On the boundary between comedy and tragedy, between satire and slapstick, without any elevated and sublime creatures; with no proclamation of any great truth, yet filled with travesty, parody and boisterous dance, The Cyclope – supported by the Let3 group - is becoming a spectacle, a theatrical event of the year, wherein you have always wanted to participate.

Under leadership of a young actor Marko Cindrić, the experienced Fran Mašković, and the strenuous Zorana Prodanović Prlja, member of the Let3 group, the dionysian bacchanals are performed by young and talented actors and dancers and students of the Academy of Performing Arts in Zagreb..