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Director Ivica Buljan: award winner of the Prešeren fund 2012

The Director Ivica Buljan for directing the following performances: Macbeth after Shakespeare, Sallinger, Little Mermaid, Ma&Al, Hunting scenes from lower Bavaria, The Cyclope, Werther and Cat on a hot tin roof.

Buljan’s theatre as it appears in an unusually wide and incredible opus from the last two years seem like “theatre-river”, for it flows with its unfailing emotive and energetic flow through the scenes as on one side thorough differentiated per formative wave and as a whole theatrical magma on the other side and cleaning those scenes of unimportant and unneeded scenery, illustrative, psychological and symbolic “dirt”.

His plays are thoroughly thought through yet always with trustworthiness and almost invisible softness carried out theatrical nudes in which the viewer takes a crucial place by side the actor – as a live witness of the passionate drive of male bodies slamming at each other in an attempt from whether his own or the body of the one next to him to root out, rip out, destroy the strength or life as such (Macbeth after Shakespeare), as an embarrassed voyeur at the turbulent erotic relationship between two loving/hating creatures that strangle and kill each other in front of his eyes (Ma&Al) or as a turned on member of the satire ritual that influences him more with its ecstatic texture than with its sophisticated “spiritual” structure (The Cyclope).