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Mini teater, Križevniška 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana


UO Novo Kazalište, Zagreb, Croatia

Figurentheater Vlinders & C°, Belgium

Buchty a Loutky (Cakes and Puppets), Praha, Chech R.

Partners in Third World countries:

Unima Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

Belarusian State Puppet Theatre, Minsk, Belarus


The basic idea of the project was to to connect the greatest masters of puppetry from different countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium and Czech Republic, and to create workshops and performances in the co-operating countries yet above all in countries like Armenia and Belarus.

The first part of the Project was conceived in a form of workshops implemented in Croatia, Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic and Belgium. They based on a program elaborated for the Puppet Nomad Academy (PNA) Project by Robert Waltl. The workshop executors were different and every mentor received his own program to which they added something of their own. The main instructions regarding workshops were:

1. Acting in a puppet theatre:

2. Acting with a puppet, and

3. Acting without a puppet.

4. Lectures and training within the frame of workshops.

The objective of such lectures and training within creative workshops was to offer the basic theoretical knowledge and some practical experience in structuring and reconstructing literary works, music, plastic art etc., as well as perform adaptations to the puppetry language.

With regard to the written program, the lecturers and their co-workers prepared concrete individual programs while working on their performance. So, the workshops resulted in five performances that were all performed in countries co-operating in the PNA Project. Also some additional workshops were organized for professional puppeteers in the above co-operating countries.

The second part of the Project was conceived as an exchange of experiences and a process of creating performances through co-operation of the best puppetry masters from different countries. So, the following performances were created:

1. The Night Just Before the Forests

2. Cinderella

3. Snow White

4. Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

5. Ma and Al

The above performances were created as a final result or a product of creative workshops; they were creative in different places and in co-operation among the best puppetry masters and young actors who had no professional experience in puppets or puppet animation.

The third part of the Project was implemented as a presentation of the working results within the frame of festivals in different PNA co-operating countries and as a row of individual lectures.

Project Puppet Nomad Academy I was for its success presented in Warsaw Poland at the beginning of Poland’s presidency of European Union. You can download the presentation of the project here.


Financially supported by the European Comission, programme Culture (2007-2013). This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Mini teater is engaged in several European projects, financially supported by the European Comission, programme Culture (2007-2013)