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Mini teater, Križevniška 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana

Co-organisers of the project:

UO Novo Kazalište, Zagreb, Croatia

Figurentheater Vlinders & C°, Belgium

Buchty a Loutky (Cakes and Puppets), Praha, Chech R.

Teatro Neline, Budmerice, Slovakia

Estonian state Puppet theatre, Talin, Estonia

Malo pozorište »Duško Radović«, Beograd, Serbia

Maladype Szinhaz, Budapest, Hungary

Partners in Third World countries:

Unima Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

The Brest Puppet Theatre, Brest, Belorusija


Main goal of the project were to relate masters of puppetry from different areas, from East to West. While carrying out of the activities we aimed towards the transition of traditional experience of masters of puppetry form West to East and vice versa. In the project partners with the greatest masters of puppetry are included as well as those whose development due to historical political changes in the last few years completely diminished. In this area Mini teater strives towards development of puppetry in the following countries with the use international experience and new technologies.  

The first part of the project consisted of the workshops carried out in Serbia, Croatia, Armenia, Belarus, Czech republic and Slovenia. The workshops on the program of Puppet Nomad Academy II project (PNA II). The workshops were held by the best masters of puppetry and each mentor added something of his own to its program. We followed the goal to include in the workshops young experts, students and greatest masters of puppetry. 

The goal of the classes and rehearsals in creative workshops was to offer basic theoretical knowledge and practical experience in structuring and restructuring of literary works, music, art etc. and the adjustment to the puppet “talk”.

The result of the workshops was the performances also carried out in some of the PNA project partners’ countries. Workshops for professional puppeteers were also organized in these countries. 

In terms of the project following performances were developed:

1. In the garden of the selfish giant (in cooperation between Serbian, Slovene and Croatian artists)

2. The Mishmash Bakery in Slovenia (in cooperation with Czech and Slovene artists)

3. The Mishmash Bakery in Croatia (in cooperation with Croatian and Slovene artists)

4. The Mishmash Bakery in Belarus (in cooperation with Belarusian, Slovene and Croatian artists)

5. Dragon and Princess (in cooperation with Slovak and Slovene artists)

And the following post drama theatre performances:

1. Bartleby (in cooperation between Serbian and Slovene artists)

2. Splendid (in cooperation with Croatian and Slovene artists)

3. Tristan and Isolde (in cooperation with Hungarian and Slovene artists)

The performances were created as a final goal of the product of the creative workshops, which were prepared in different places throughout the partner countries and in cooperation with the best puppetry masters and young actors, who have had no previous professional experience with uppets or puppet animation.  

Throughout the year we have had with these new performances 11 guest appearances in Slovenia and 7 in partner countries.

Three performances presented by our partners to Slovenian audience were also a part of the project:

1. Performance Choo-Choo-Choo was presented in summer 2011 by Estonian partners,

2. Performance Stripe Cat and miss Swallow was presented by partners from Serbia

3. Performance “Pepi in Ančka” was presented by partners from Czech republic.

Project was carried out between 1st May 2011 and 30th April 2012.


Financially supported by the European Comission, programme Culture (2007-2013). This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Mini teater is engaged in several European projects, financially supported by the European Comission, programme Culture (2007-2013)