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Mini teater at the international Theater Festival VALISE in Lomža, Poland

At the international theater festival VALISE in Lomža, Poland, that takes a special place at the international calendar of European cultural and art events and will take place from 16th June 2012, Mini teater will perform with it’s the Wishing Table performance this Wednesday, 13th June 2012 at 9.30 am. The performance by Marek Bečka will at the end of the month open the 14th international festival Mini Summer and the grand exhibition of Polish puppetry at the National Museum Slovenia. 

According to the name of the festival “Valise” (small suitcase or briefcase) only performances that can practically fit a suitcase with the performance itself can participate at the festival. Mini teater, that has for many years presented its many quality performances at different festivals around the world, as an important participant of the festival therefore enables not only a faster circulation of new ideas but also encourages the research and trade of innovative set solutions that itself in its performances from year to year develops, upgrades and fulfills.

The performance by Marek Bečka, who has approximately 2 weeks ago at the 19th International festival of Children’s theater in Subotica, Serbia received gran prix for its original and humorous adaptation of Snow White, will at the end of June 2012 (27th) open the 14th International festival for children Mini Summer. Mini teater will also in 2012 take care of new, memorable summer months of puppet performances, many guest appearances and free creative workshops for children.



Classic fairytale that is known as one of the most beautiful and popular in the world in a special version by Czech director Marek Bečka. Great young actor Aljaž Jovanović and famous musician Jose with live energetic modern music create an unforgettable performance. In the suburbs there was a house in which lived the father, son Miha and a goat, that always lied. Miha, who was in love with Marjetka, has one day received a magic table, golden sheep and a stick, that punishes thieves and liars. 


Jacob in Wilhelm Grimm

Concept and direction: Marek Bečka

Starring: Jose in Aljaž Jovanović /alt. Rok Kunaver

Music: Jose            

Art design: Robert Smolik


Puppet performance for children from 3 years of age.

Premiere: January 2008


Mini summer Festival was carried out in terms of the Mini teater program and the International project Puppet Nomad Academy III, whose coordinator is Mini teater and which is financed by the European commission, Program Culture (2007-2013) and the project Nomads of Beauty with the co-organization by Mini teater.  The content of the communication is exclusively the responsibility of the author and does not in any matter reflect the opinion of the European Commission.