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Nejc Gazvoda

Jurij Drevenšek, Aljaž Jovanovič, Maruša Majer, Matej Puc, Ajda Smrekar and Tina Vrbnjak

Set design:
Numen and Ivana Radenović

Branka Pavlič

Language consultant:
Tatjana Stanič

Head technician:
Tilen Vipotnik

Tehnical crew:
Tilen Vipotnik, Anže Kreč, Matej Primec

Ivan Valtl

Premiere v Mini teatrer:
31st of October 2013

Premiere in MG Ptuj:
3rd of November 2013

Performance for adults, students and pupils

Duration 100 min

About the performance

Fueled by the acting force of the eighties' generation, a text that is extremely intimate but is at the same time sailing throughout the most generally human and tragic, that every generation puts on in a unique way Nejc Gazvoda will with it first author project for the theater deal with the media throughout his poetry. Gazvoda has invited some of the top Slovenian actors of his generation to the project. Actors, who in the past years have drawn attention to themselves both on stage and on film. 

Game is a story about three best friends and three girls who are connected by a mark from the past. It seems that, as the generation of the 80s should slowly take over the social initiative - now lost more than ever before - every new step they take in life opens new restrictions. While developing in this social context, the story is at the same time extremely intimate, told through characters who are as familiar to us, as if we had known them for a lifetime. As we breathe, love, live with them, the final twist sets in and the situation that appears solved, is revealed in a completely new perspective.
Performance and drama often deal with past trauma as something that suddenly erupts onto the surface and starts to haunt people who have, as it seems, long since started to live relatively normal lives. Game is a story of the evolution of such a trauma.

The performance in being realized in collaboration with MG Ptuj.

About the director

Nejc Gazvoda was born in 1985 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. While still in high school, he wrote a collection of short fiction stories titled "Nothing Escapes the Squirrels" which earned him the Fabula 2006 Award for best short fiction book and the Golden Bird 2005 Award for innovative writing. He is also the author of three novels and a play, with all three novels short- or long-listed for the Kresnik Award -Slovenia's highest award for best novel of the year. He is often referred to as the leading writer of his generation in media. He finished his studies at the Academy of Theather, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana with a BA in film and TV direction. He directed two student TV dramas, his graduate drama titled An Ounce of Luck (2008), winning him the highest level of academic recognition for a student, the Prešeren Award.
Gazvoda is also an awarded scriptwriter - his script "It is easy" won the Grossman Award 2009 for best short screenplay. He also co-wrote a script for the movie "Personal Baggage" (2009) with one of Slovenia's leading film directors Janez Lapajne. He is currently promoting his first feature film "A Trip", which has already gained attention of festival selectors in the Cannes market 2011 and had a successful world premiere at the 17th Sarajevo film festival in the competition program, receiving excellent reviews in Variety and Screen International. "A Trip" has also been accepted to the 27th Warsaw Film Festival (which is recognised by the FIAPF as an A category festival - one of only thirteen international competitive film festivals in the world), the 19th Filmfest Hamburg in Germany, the 12th Plan-Sequence Arras Film Festival in France and the 22th Ljubljana International Film Festival (as part of competition programmes at all festivals).
The year 2013 was also the year of the premiere of his second feature movie "Dual".