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On Sunday to MINI SUMMER: Dragon and princess and the exhibition of soft sculptures Dorimu, Doll – more than just a toy!

Mini summer has begun, the second performance of the 14th International festival MINI SUMMER for children awaits this Sunday!

Before the first Sunday performance we are inviting you to the opening of the exhibition of soft sculptures Dorimu DOLL – MORE THAN JUST A TOY on Sunday, 1st July 2012 ot 18.00 in the castle’s Mini teater’s hall at Ljubljana’s Castle. At the exhibition which will be according to the 14th Mini summer festival from 1st July to the end of September 2012 on display at Mini teater’s facilities in the center (Križevniška street) and in Mini teater’s castle hall at Ljubljana’s castle, where soft sculptures Dorimu will live in their universes designed and created by Neptune inspired “Murva”. 

After a short official part follows an amazing Mini teater’s performance DRAGON AND PRINCESS. After the performance we will continue a pleasant evening in Dorimu magic sculptures and their company.

An hour before the performance and the ceremony (5pm) we are also inviting you to take part at free CREATIVE WORKSHOP FOR CHILDREN – Butterflies made of wool.

We are looking forward to your company!  



After fairy tale by Milada Mašatová, written by P. Dušova.

Director: Petronela Dušová

Puppets and Set Design: Miroslav Duša

Music: Peter Tarkay

Performers: Katja Povše, Saša Pavlin Stošić and Klemen Janežič

Once lived a king who had three unmarried daughters. First was princess Jera, who screamed, shouted and complained all day long.

The other was princess Bistra, who had the determination of a general and the wisdom of a king. The third was princes Mila … she was indeed a good princess and of loving heart. One day a dragon flew to the kingdom to ask the king for the hand in marriage of one of his daughters. Do you want to know what happened? Come to Mini teater and find out!

Opening night:  January 14th 2012

For children from 3 years of age.

Duration: 40 minutes 

Language: Slovenian

Location: Mini teater at Ljubljana’s castle


The performance was created within the international European project »Puppet Nomad Academy 2«, financially supported by the European Comission, programme Culture (2007-2013). This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Mini teater is engaged in several European projects, financially supported by the European Comission, programme Culture (2007-2013)