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In Mini teater – guest appearance of soft sculptures Dorimu: Exhibition Doll – more than a toy

On Sunday 1st July 2012 Mini teater’s facilities in Križevniška street and at Ljubljana’s castle inhabited soft sculptures Dorimu of the exhibition Doll – more than a toy which will be on display in terms of Mini summer till 2nd September 2012.

In spite of extremely high temperatures the Ljubljana Castle’s hall at the official opening of the exhibition 1st July 2012 filled up when Dorimu dolls once again lived in their worlds made for them by dreamy “Murva”.   

»With the inclusion of the dolls in new exhibition places most important are the warmth and the dynamics of the space. That is why we are very glad that Mini teater responded to our invitation for cooperation. At such project the communication is of extreme importance between the creator and the space manager, which was carried out extremely well for Mini teater gave us complete freedom of setting up the entire exhibition, supported us at technical requirements as well as the organization of the grand opening. Soft sculptures Dorimu will in both locations patiently wait for visitors all till September and it can be seen in terms of interesting activities of the Mini summer festival. It seems that Dorimu dolls feel very comfortable in theater facilities for in September a new tour of Slovenian theaters awaits” the creators of the exhibition Živa Vogan and Saša Rojak said having been thrilled over hospitality and cooperation of Mini teater in the project.

Series of Dorimu art represents a milestone in development of a young trade mark Dorimu, which started to develop from The Story of Little Dorimu – fairytale for adults which was published last year as a result of the best work at a literary competition.  

The idea to create soft sculptures from these dolls was born with the recognition that the role of the doll Dorimu started to change. Due to the more and more sophisticated and carefully designed exterior Dorimu dolls became more than just toys – they embellish many buyers’ shelves throughout Slovenia and abroad as decorative and unique products. Soon the idea to donate to these dolls some artistic value was born, which led to development of the series of Dorimu ART – set of decorative soft sculptures being presented for the first time at this exhibition Doll – more than just a toy. The selection of the exhibited sculptures is directly connected to the Story of little Dorimu; live 8 (in person) you will be greeted by 6 magical fairies, Golden fairy, the shy cricket and other characters of the story that have safely left their safe surroundings of the book’s covers.