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Mini teater with the Donkey of Nazareth on guest appearance in Germany!

On Sunday, July 8 2012 Mini teater will present itself with the performance The Donkey of Nazareth at the renowned international puppet festival Synegura in Erfurt, Germany!

Synergura, the renowned festival with a long tradition that will in 2012 take place between 4th and 8th July will hot numerous puppet theaters from all Europe and Israel that will present their best and most original puppet performances. The performance Donkey of Nazareth that has since premiere in 1996 guest appeared in France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark and Croatia will with extraordinary art creativity of Agatha Freyer based upon the fresco of Vincent of Kastav, marots (hand puppets on a stick) that originate from the madman’s mace and the primal professional puppet interpretation of the biblical motives after war (from which the European puppet tradition derives) undoubtedly reach and overcome the high set criteria of the festival.  

Beside Mini teater that will present itself on July 8 at 11 am and 2 pm the festival will also host the following theaters: Familie Flöz (Germany), that oponed the festival yesterday with the performance Hotel Paradiso, Figuren theater tübingen (Germany), Compagnie Bagages de Sable (Francija) and Theater Stadelhofen Zürich (Switzerland) with the performance Hôtel de Rive - Giacomettis horizontale Zeit, Clair de Lune Théâtre (Belgium) with Omelette, Theater Waidspeicher (Germany) with performances Peter Pan oder Das Märchen vom, Jungen, der nicht groß werden wollte, Romeo und Julia and Guten Tag, kleines Schweinchen, Avital Dvory Visual Theatre Group (Israel) with performance Flora‘s Dance, Stuffed Puppet (Netherlands) with Punch & Judy in Afghanistan, The Turku International Puppetry Connection (Finland) with To the End of Love, Das Papiertheater (Germany) with Was ist unbezahlbar?, Talking Object Theatre (Israel) with the perfrmance The World‘s Most Amazing Stories, Theater Waidspeicher (Germany) in Theater Erfurt (Germany) with König Arthus and Ensemble Materialtheater (Germany) and Théâtre Octobre Brüssel (Belgium) with the performance Drei Affen. Parabel vom Aufstandder Dinge.

The most amazing performances will at the last evening of the festival receive the prize of the professional jury consisting of Cordula Nossek (director of international days Puppen Theater Tage Mistelbach, Austria) and Hartmut Topf (journalist and writer, Berlin), Stefan Wey (puppeteer and director, Erfurt).

More about the Synegura festival can also be read here.

The performance The Donkey of Nazareth represents a dramaturgic collage of Christmas carol motives and specifically animated Christmas crib. It is performed by one actor and two assisting singers, who together act like three carol singers presenting the story about the birth of Jesus. They however retain a certain distance since the truth about this birth and the human hypocrisy of that time as well as of the present days is presented through the eyes of a donkey.

The director and regular professor for puppetry at the Pedagogic Academy in Ljubljana, Edi Majaron says: “With this performance we want to join the tradition with the present problems caused by lack of feeling for our human companions. We are aware that through theatre the world cannot be changed, nevertheless we want to knock at the conscience door of every individual person.”



Text after carol motives: Robert Waltl

Directing and dramaturgy: Edi Majaron

Art idea: Agata Freyer Majaron

Music selection: Edi Majaron

Actor: Robert Waltl

Singers: Edo Strah and Emir Jušič Piber

Puppet performance for adults and children from 5 years up.

Duration: 45 minutes

Language: Slovenian