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Mini summer: Besides Sundays ALSO 2 Saturdays!

Besides the traditional Sundays Mini teater will also include into Mini summer two Saturdays. The last Saturday in August at Križevniška ulica 1 at 6pm Waidspeicher theater from Germany will guest appear with its performance THE JOSA AND THE MAGIC FIDDLE. First Saturday in September will be dedicated also at Križevniška ulica 1 at 6pm to Puppet theater Ciroka from Kečkemet Hungary With its performance GABI AND THE FLYING GRANDFATHER.

Spend the weekend at Mini Summer – this and next Saturday!





Jeromir is a picture of a man: almost as big as a giant and so strong that he can carry trees around the place. Joshua, the son of this charcoal burner, is the opposite - small and weedy. This makes Joshua so sad, that he has to cry, because what else shall he become later other than a charcoal burner? One day the bird gives him a magic violin. When Joshua plays, all who hear the music become big and strong or as small as a flies leg. With his magic instrument Joshua rides on the back of an ant to the end of the world. Along the way he must pass some tests in order to reach the moon. Whenever the moon wanders by, the boy plays and it waxes and wanes. Then Jeromir sees to the sky and knows that it is his son who can make it happen.

By Janosch

Director/set and costumes: Sylvia Wanke

Actors: Anna Fülle, Paul Günther, Martin Vogel

Music: Katharina Wibmer

Production: Theater Waidspeicher, Erfurt (Germany)

Language: German

Duration: 45 min.

Age: 4+

Price: 3 €

Location: Mini teater, Križevniška 1





There is nothing better on earth than a good grandfather. A good grandfather takes his grandchild fishing, to travel on train, to see animals; he always has cookies with him and tells stories like no one else. A good grandfather is world champion in fishing, in chess or in whistling. A good grandfather teaches his grandchild to tell stories, to dream and to live. But what can one do if he or she does not have a grandfather? Our story’s hero, Gabi, goes away to find one: a grandfather who is world champion in whistling and can make a kite on which one can really fly. A real flying supplementary grandfather.

Based on the tale of Ulf Stark

Director: Agnes Kuthy

Cast: Julia Rita Krucsd, Ernã Aprd, József FQIop, Balázs Szabd

Designer: Akos Mátravolgyi

Music: Benedek Darvas

Concertina player: Mihály Kovács

Production: Ciroka Puppet Theatre, Kecskemét


Language: Hungarian

Duration: 55 min.

Age: 6+

Price: 3 €

Location: Mini teater, Križevniška 1