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Mini summer: last Sunday in August – 2 performances from abroad

Last Sunday in August Mini teater will besides a creative workshop at Mini summer festival host 2 performances from abroad!

At 11am in Mini teater’s hall at Ljubljana’s castle b 11.00Puppet Company’s of David Zuazola from Chile performance DRITY WING will be guest appearing.

In the afternoon we will be relocating to the old center of Ljubljana to Križevniška street 1, where at 6pm Puppet and youth theater from Estonia will perform with its performance HANDS AND GLOVES.

An hour before the performance, at 5pm we have prepared with the cooperation of KUD Sredina for children and their parents free CREATIVE WORKSHOP at which children will learn to create unique buttons.




In Garbagevillage, in a humble house next to the wharf, a girl is born with two little wings on her back... Her mother is lying dead beside her and no one knows if the girl is an angel or demon. The rumor begins to spread all over the village... The leaders arrive and enter the house... The place is surrounded by curious people... And, as always happens, a man appears. They call him Mr. Sir Gentleman... And he says to the leaders: “I, Mr. Sir Gentleman, will take care of this creature hiding her until she reaches the age of 16. If she is the angel we expect, we will let her grow Up with me and when she decides, she will be free to leave and save thehumanity. If she is the demon that will exterminate the human race.I will destroy her using my own methods. I promise you, no one will know about this deal. If after 16 years any change occurs, the authorities will be able ask for the girl and take care of her.” So, a solemn contract was signed. Now, almost 16 years later...

Direction, music, stage and puppet design: David Zuazola

Production: Puppet Company Davida Zuazole


Language: Spanish

Duration: 50 min. 

Age: 7+

Price: 3 €

Location: Mini teater at the Ljubljana Castle




We will make wooden buttons. Little buttons that also spin!

Free entrance.

Location: Mini teater, Križevniška 1




A hand seeks another hand. A hand seeks a glove. A hand in a glove finds…? What or whom does the hand in a glove find and what will happen next will be seen at the funny concert-like performance. But I can give you a hint: you will surely see a dog, a frog, a rabbit and… But no, I will say no more.

Author And Director: Helle Laas

Designer: Gunta Randla

Actors: Liivika Hanstin And Anti Kobin


Language: Estonian

Duration: 30 min.

Age: 3+

Price: 3 €

Location: Mini teater, Križevniška 1