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When Šlemil went to Warsaw concludes the 14th Mini Summer festival 2012!

More than two months of great and spectacular theatrical performances by Mini teater and other puppet theaters from countries around the world such as Germany, Chile, Estonia, Hungary and Slovakia that have been accompanied every Sunday by creative workshops are coming to the end.

With the performance WHEN ŠLEMIL WENT TO WARSAW we will on Sunday, September 2nd 2012 at 6pm at Ljubljana’s castle conclude the 14th international Mini summer festival!

An hour before the performance at 5pm we are also expecting the last CREATIVE WORKSHOP OF MINI SUMMER. From unprocessed wool children will be making colorful ropes that will not be tied together but will have no beginning and no end.

A day before on Saturday, September 1st 2012 at 6pm at Križevniška 1 Mini teater will host the performance Gabi and the flying grandfather by Puppet Theater Ciroka from Kečkemet Hungary.

Festival that has begun in 1999 is becoming one of the most renowned and largest festival for children in Slovenia. In 13 years it has gained great international reputation, great critique of the professional public and a marvelous number of visitors each year. Different languages, different puppet technologies and approaches towards puppet art put the international Mini Summer festival amongst events that contribute to richer and even more qualitative cultural image of Ljubljana and Slovenia.

Program of the international festival Mini Summer was created in terms of the international projects Puppet Nomad Academy 3, that is mentored and coordinated by Mini teater and Nomads of Beauty project that are both co-financed by the European commission, program Culture (2007-2013).





There is nothing better on earth than a good grandfather. A good grandfather takes his grandchild fishing, to travel on train, to see animals; he always has cookies with him and tells stories like no one else. A good grandfather is world champion in fishing, in chess or in whistling. A good grandfather teaches his grandchild to tell stories, to dream and to live. But what can one do if he or she does not have a grandfather? Our story’s hero, Gabi, goes away to find one: a grandfather who is world champion in whistling and can make a kite on which one can really fly. A real flying supplementary grandfather.

Based on the tale of Ulf Stark

Director: Agnes Kuthy

Cast: Julia Rita Krucsd, Ernã Aprd, József FQIop, Balázs Szabd

Designer: Akos Mátravolgyi

Music: Benedek Darvas

Concertina player: Mihály Kovács

Production: Ciroka Puppet Theatre, Kecskemét


Language: Hungarian

Duration: 55 min.

Age: 6+

Price: 3 €

Location: Mini teater, Križevniška 1





We will make colorful strings from yarn. Not tied together will stil be withot a beginning and without an end. The string we put in our pocets and like to call fingers. They will keep our actors  very busy!


Free entrance.

Location: Mini teater at the Ljubljana Castle




An artful tale about a peculiar man and his dreams. At his homely hearth, Shlemiel ponders about the great wide world, particularly about famed Warsaw - the Big City. One faithful day, he makes up his mind and heads off there. The children indulge in child-like curiosity, are joyous, and there are plentiful; the wise men are noble and possibly a tad to wise; the townsmen are nosy, smug or sympathetic, but most importantly, each has their own explanation for the events and goings-on. Finally, we cannot go past the realization that “the whole world is one big Chełm” and all of us its townsmen, for “the world is the same everywhere.”

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Director: Jelena Sitar Cvetko

Cast: Miha Bezeljak, Aja Kobe and Danilo Trstenjak


Puppet and set designer: Svjetlan Junaković

Music: Igor Cvetko

Dramaturgy: Katarina Klančnik Kocutar

Lector: Metka Damjan

Production: Puppet Theater Maribor


Language: Slovene

Duration: 55 min.

Age: 6+

Price: 3 €

Location: Mini teater at the Ljubljana Castle