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In December two great performances for adults, students and pupils in English!

In December in post-drama theater of Mini teater we are announcing two great performances for adults, students and pupils in English:

MA AND AL directed by IVICA BULJAN with extraordinary MARKO MANDIĆ and SENKA BULIĆ  and this year’s  FINALIST OF THE BORŠTNIK’S MEETING, performance TRISTAN AND IZSOLDE!*

*Slovenian translations are available at the reception desk.

MA AND AL, 6. December at 8PM, KRIŽEVNIŠKA 1

Performance after the inspiration and by combining the texts of J. D. Salinger and B.-M. Koltès. Three monologues of performance symbolically represent a new fictive world that separates and presents itself as real and as a continuation of theatrical and literature space.

More about the performance MA and Al and photos can be found here!


The story of Tristan and Isolde is a constant fluctuation between life and death, dream and reality - their love is the fragile experience of momentary eternity. An equilibrium between the commonplace and the ethereal, the concrete and the abstract. One body. Two hearts beating as one. The reflexes of twin souls. Their story presents an opportunity to review the promise of Eden fulfilled . . . What tore this world apart? Zoltán Balázs's production in Mini teater seeks an answer to this question - enquiring into the delicate balance of the relationship betweenman and woman - by unconventional means.

More about the performance Tristan and Isolde and photos can be found here!

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