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World premiere of short animated movie Sapramouse 2 – Sapramouse’s Luck!





Sapramouse has to go on a new journey.

For the second time. She has to find and search for happiness and build a new home.

Will she make it?

We will find out at the world premiere of short animated movie Sapramouse – Sapramouse’s Luck in terms of Elephant’s panorama at the 9th International festival of animated movie ANIMATEKA 2012 in Maribor. The flying collage and broken visual mesh-up of mouse’s luck following the story and script of  Svetlana Makarovič, directed by Robert Waltl, with music by Mitja Vrhovnik-Smrekar with voices by Svetlana Makarovič, Robert Waltl, Ljerka Belak, Vesna Zornik, Violeta Tomič and Tadej Pišek and animating team Nataša Berk, Matej Modrinjak and duo son:DA, will be broadcasted December 8th 2012 at 2pm in Kino Udarnik.

Director Waltl points out the extraordinary contribution of visual duo son:DA from Maribor!

 HD, 32' 14''

The movie projection will be accompanied by a short workshop and storytelling.

In this short animated movie besides Sapramouse also star personalized animals known from author’s other fairytales (squirrel, rabbit, frog) and also a human character – blacksmith. Animated movie is suitable for youngest and a little bit bigger children that will in the fairytale recognize situations from the real world and also adults that will be reminded by these fairytale characters of what is most important in life – friends and responsibility for own happiness.

Well known Sapramouse is looking for luck this time. Sapramouse doesn’t want to listen to her friends advises who tell her to mend the shabby looking cottage before the winter comes. Arrogantly she ignores them but when the snow blizzard tears down her house, she becomes so pessimistic that she wants to die. Friends that offer to help her are turned away by her unkindness, only Froggy the frog remains who reveals her the wisdom of how to find her lost luck. Sapramouse starts literally to enforce the metaphoric proverb that each is the smith of his own luck. The path to the blacksmith is demanding and full of dangers and the pessimistic Sapramouse complains about her destiny.

Nevertheless she safely reaches the blacksmith where all night long she shapes her luck– a small heart. The sign of her outer happiness changes her look on the world – no longer pessimistic in spite of the fact that unpleasant things happened to her on the way home. She finds out that it is possible to have a more optimistic look at life. All the accidents that happen to her on her way home could even be more dangerous. As she made the visible symbol of luck her friends have built her home and in doing so repaid her good deeds.

Sapramouse realizes that is good to have friends and that this is the actual luck she searches and that good deeds, kindness and hospitality are repaid with goodness. Personified animals from the author’s previous stories appear in the story: squirrel, jay bird, rabbit, frog and even a human blacksmith.

In the late autumn Sapramouse stands in front of her shabby cottage and Froggy the frog advises her that it is high time make the repairs or else it won’t last the winter. At that time wind suddenly blows and brings a snow blizzard. Sapramouse cottage collapses and animals criticize her why she didn’t fix it sooner. Stubborn Sapramouse won’t listen to critics; she would rather lie down in the snow and wants to die. Froggy the frog convinces her that each smites his own luck and that she should go to a blacksmith to make luck. Sapramouse hits the road and the blacksmith helps her shape a small heart that for Sapramouse symbolizes her own luck. On her way home bad things happen to her, but in spite of that she is convinced that she still has luck, as it could have been even worse. And as she approaches her home she sees that her woodland friends have fixed her house. “What a luck that I have Luck” she says to herself.


Audiovisual project short animated movie Sapramouse 2 - Sapramouse's Luck in co-financed by the Ministry of Education, science, culture and sport of the Republic of Slovenia.