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Mini teater is in full preparations for the new puppet adventure – Morrison and the four seasons!

Mini teater is in full preparations for the new puppet adventure

Morrison and the four seasons!


Author project of a young Estonian director MIRKO RAJAS with Slovenian actors JOSE and MARUŠA MAJER  is being realized as a result of Slovenian – Estonian cooperation, coproduction of  Mini teater and NUKU theater from Tallinn in terms of a grand international project Puppet nomad academy III coordinated by Mini teater.


»Not Slovenian nor Estonian – the puppets speak their completely own language!” Maruša Majer

„Overcoming the boundaries between Slovenian and Estonian language, languages generally very different, is quite a funny thing, yet we managed. Jose and I talk a little in Slovenian, a little in Estonian, the director Mirko and set designer Kalju that both come from Estonia also speak a combination of both so to tell you the truth, English is almost unnecessary. Puppets no matter what speak their own language! We tend to listen to them carefully and somehow tend to get close with them … very, very soon we will start talking to them … that will be something to see.” Maruša Majer, actress and puppet animator in the new performance by Mini teater, Morrison and the four seasons.

Maruša Majer that besides Morrisona animated also Fall, Winter and Spring also in Mini teater at the end of 2012 took on an important role of Litlle Sleepy Star to which she, together with alternation Nina Ivanišin, gives to Little Sleepy Star new, moderated characteristics. In spite of overall popularity of the golden haired star that celebrated her 60th birthday last year (she promises not to fall asleep ever again since 1955) Nina Ivanišin and Maruša Majer together with the entire crew managed to create a new Sleepy Star that has already and will even more gain a way into hearts of the numerous upcoming generations.    .


»Most important human desires and embarrassments are the same everywhere!« Jose

„Cooperating with Estonian director Mirko Rajas is a very educational and precise insight into puppet animation. What I find especially great is the fact that we are building this performance with the help of improvisations at rehearsals, search of personalities of certain characters is being realized throughout exact actions with my co-star Maruša Majer. To work with creators form other countries, mainly those that have a different cultural environment is always fresh and inspiring. With creating a performance it is soon obvious that basic human desires and embarrassments are actually the same everywhere. Our shared joy and imagination will, I believe, be seen in the performance itself.” Jose, actor and puppet animator in the new performance by Mini teater, Morrison and the four seasons.

Jose that together with Maruša Majer in the performance animates Morrison, also took on the role of Summer has been an important part of Mini teater for quite some time. He thrills the children in Mishmash Bakery directed by Robert Waltl and in trilogy of director Marek Bečka – Snow White, The wishing table and Puss in Boots.  Adult audience was overblown by his appearance in Macbeth aster Shakespeare, performance Me, after whom Ljubljana can be named – Poker, Marsh – high song and day of murders in story of Hamlet all directed by Ivica Buljan.


Mirko Rajas, director of the performance and author of text trusted the set design to young Estonian set designer  Kalju - Karl Kivi, young Estonian compositor Ekke Västrik is preparing for the performance original author music.


PREMIERE26th February  2013 at 6pm

PRE-PREMIERE23rd February 2013 at 5 pm

Mini teater, Križevniška 1, Ljubljana


More about the new puppet adventure of Mini teater and NUKU theater from Tallinn can be seen here!


The performance is being realized in terms of the international European project  »Puppet Nomad Academy 3«, that is being co-financed by the European Commission, program Culture (2007-2013). The content of the communication is exclusively the responsibility of the author and in no way represent the statements or values of the European Commission.



The program and activity of Mini Teater is co-funded by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana - MOL.