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This Sunday at Ljubljana’s Castle – Three little piglets and a hungry wolf!

Popular and world renowned fairytale The three little piglets this Sunday, February 10th at 5pm in Mini teater at Ljubljana’s Castle!


Story about three little piglets and a hungry wolf,

About fear and wise decisions,  

Of laziness and persistence,  

Of good winning over bad!


Pavel Polak, one of the most renowned Czech puppet directors known throughout the Middle Europe has responded to Mini teater’s invitation and accepted the challenge to adapt the text dedicated to the youngest audience. His completely unique approach to puppet and actors has already been presented with the performance Tom Thumb. Polak is a minimalist who manages to convince and picturesque the beauty of a fairytale with simple theatrical means and project it to children.

The art approach of the performance created by Czech puppet, art and film artist Jaroslav Milfajt is a mixture of traditional style of known Czech puppet school and modern visuals. The playfulness of the performance is fulfilled with music, songs and humor.


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