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On Sunday in Mini teater classical marionettes – Caliph Stork!

This Sunday, February 24th 2013 at 5pm in Mini teater at Ljubljana’s Castle a performance with wonderful classical marionettes – CALIPH STORK!


Marionette performance CALIPH STORK was created after a known fairy tale THE STORY OF CALIPH STORK by the German writer Wilhelm Hauff.

As many classic fairy tale the story CALIPH STORK is multi-dimensional and offers more subjects for the interpretation.


A story of a young Bagdad Caliph who wanted to live outside his golden palace and wanted to become useful to the people. The mysterious parchment revealed to him how he can become free and can from a man turn into a stork. After the change it is obvious that his new image is just magic of an evil magician Kašnur who can in such way role over Bagdad. The miserable stork flies to holy city Medina in hopes of finding a solution there. Amongst the ruins he meets an Indian princess turns into an ugly owl who offers him his help if he marries her. Caliph agrees to doing so and with her cooperation finds out about a magic word with which he can again become human and defeat the evil Kašnur. The young Caliph Stork marries the owl and somewhere along the ceremony the magic loses its power and the ugly owl is turned back to the beautiful princess …



Text after Wilhelm Hauff: Slavcho Malenov

Translation: Viktorija Menkadžijeva

Directing and dramaturgy:Slavčo Malenov

Puppets and set made by:Vasill Rokomanov

Music: Petar Tsankov

Puppets painted by:Silva Bachvarova

Acting: Robert Waltl or Milan Štefe and Tomislav Tomšič

Puppet performance for children from 4 years up

Duration: 50 minutes

Opening performance: November 2002, restored in 2007


Tickets: children till 12 – 6 €, adults 8 €