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New Mini teater’s success at retrieving the EU funds!





Mini teater under the leadership of Robert Waltl has with its ninth European project as one of only three successful applicants from Slovenia gained the EU funds form the Culture program for the leadership of the project EXPERIMENTAL THEATER ACADEMY, that will enable young artists intensive work with top directors, costume designers, set designers and technical staff in the established facilities. The workshops that will take place during the project will represent an extra motor of innovativeness.



After the successful leadership of projects PUPPET NOMAD ACADEMY 1 (in terms of which the performances for children such as Snow White, Cinderella, Ali Baba and the four thieves and The night at the edge of the forests and Ma&Al for adults were created) and PUPPET NOMAD ACADEMY 2 (in terms of which the performances for children such as The Mishmash Bakery in Slovenian and Croatian, Dragon and princess and In the garden of the Selfish Giant and Bartleby, the writer, Splendid and Tristan and Isolde for adults were created) under the leadership and coordination of Mini teater THIRD GRAND INTERNATIONAL PROJECT is taking place -  PUPPET NOMAD ACADEMY 3 in cooperation with co-organizers from Croatia, Belgium, Slovakia, Estonia, Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In terms of the PNA 3 in this season Little Sleepy Star directed by Robert Waltl was born. At the end of February 2013 new Mini teater’s puppet adventure Morrison and the four seasons premiered as a result of Slovenian and Estonian partnership. Mini teater is, as we speak, in cooperation with partners from Serbia (Open University of Subotica) preparing an Exhibition of Serbian Puppetry in the National museum of Slovenia.

As co-organizer Mini teater is also involved in two other current projects – NOMADS OF BEAUTY, that in cooperation with renowned artists (Dalibor Martinis, Slaven Tolja, group NUMEN, Ivana Radenović, Ana Savić Gecan, Aleksander Denićem, Siniša Ilić and visual tandem son:DA) enables young students of set design form Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Estonia and Hungary the opportunity to gain experience and to be involved in creating in the field of set design and visual art in the theater.  As partner Mini teater is also involved in the project of encouraging mobility and education GRUNDTVIG in which the following partners beside Mini teater are involved: Theatre&Publics asbl from Belgium, RECTUS CENTRUM from Cypruss, AKT-ZENT e.V. Internationales Theaterzentrum and Schloss bröllin e.V. from Germany, Accademia Amieata Mutamenti and Ass cultural La MaMa Umbria International from Italy and PER-THEATER-FORMANCE from Greece.



With European project the beginning of the new Mini teater is related, when with the help of nonrefundable funds in terms of FINANCIAL MECHANIZM EGP and NORWEGIAN FINANCIAL MECHANIZM (including the help of donors, sponsors and Municipality of Ljubljana) an old and abandoned town house at Križevniška 1 became Mini teater – wonderfully adapted center for modern theatrical art. With the help of Financial mechanism EGP and Norwegian financial mechanism Mini teater also carried out an international project “Koledovanje in koledniški običaji”. In 2010 and 2011 Mini teater participated in the project BABY LION – innovative and creative project that involved dance, music and art of travelling gypsy and nomad families.



On February 28th 2013 EU Culture commission approved and chose EXPERIMENTAL THEATRICAL ACADEMY project in which 10 top directors from eminent institutions  (Mini teater from Slovenia, Estonian state puppet theater from Tallinn Estonia, Children’s puppet theater from Split Croatia, New theater from Zagreb Croatia and Maladype Szinhaz from Budapest Hungary) will work and participate.

The project will include CEO of Mini teater  Robert Waltl, director of performances The Mishmash Bakery, Little Sleepy Star, Sapramouse 2 – Sapramouse’s Luck and Thumbelina (if we only consider the last few), artistic leader of Mini teater and receiver of the Prešeren’s fund award 2012 Ivica Buljan, director of Mini teater’s performances such as Macbeth after Shakespeare, Ma and Al, In  the solitude of the cotton fields (if we only consider the last few), Hungarian director Zoltán Balázs, that has in the last season in Mini teater directed Tristan and Isolde and Czech director Marek Bečka, well known to Slovenian audience by humorous adaptations of The wishing table, Puss in Boots and Snow White with which Mini teater was given two international Gran Prix, two awards for directing and two acting awards.  

Beside artist from the stated theaters the project will also involve directors Pascal Rambert from France, CEO of Théatre de Gennevilliers from Paris and one of the most important French artists in general and Miloš Lolić from Serbia with who’s performance Bartleby, the writer Mini teater at the 46th festival Borštnik’s meeting received a grand award for best staging in whole, award for text adaptation signed by Miloš Lolić, award for sound design by Luka Ivanović and award for best male acting which was given to Igor Samobor for the role of Bartleby.

“Young directors have when finishing their studies all the theoretical knowledge but very little or no experience at all. On the other hand the doors of European theaters are closed for them. The only choice they have is to establish themselves in their own home environment. With this new project we wish to enable young directors in the project partner countries the contact with the best artists and train them of different methodologies“said the director of Mini teater Robert Waltl, who possesses remarkable long-year experience in leadership and coordination of European projects. With the project we will achieve the circulation of knowledge, methodologies, approaches etc. amongst individual countries and mainly between younger and older artists from different countries. We estimate that we will to at leats 60 young artist enable the cooperation with artist from other countries and there for contribute to greater mobility of artists within EU and candidate countries for EU membership and artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Serbia and Estonia will transfer their knowledge to the younger ones who have concluded their studies in Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Estonia. The group of young directors will gain valuable international experiences resulting in a performance which will be seen by a wide specter of publics in country of its development.  


Ljubljana, March 8th 2013