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Chair(s) and Niko Goršič’s 70th birthday next Tuesday in Mini teater!

 »Today’s attitude towards absurd, at least mine, is no longer tragical. We live this absurd, we are aware of it and sometimes even make fun of it,« Niko Goršič, director and actor about the performance Chair(s).

Niko Goršić’s CHAIR(S) after E. Ionesco on Tuesday, 19th MARCH 2013 AT 8PM in Mini teater at Križevniška 1 for Niko Goršič’s 70th BIRTHDAY!  

A show that is not only a story of Niko Goršič and of Slovenian Youth Theater. It is also a story about questions we all ask ourselves, that rise when finality and eternity coexists. It is a settlement with life.« Saška Rakef RA Slovenija 1, 09.01.2013

Personal continuation of Ionesco’s Chairs with author approach to Ionesco’s text. Conglomerate of different styles and conceptual approach to staging that builds the performance from different styles inside a comedy genre.

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