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Concept and direction:
Pascal Rambert

Suzana Koncut

Anja Novak and Žan Perko

Puppet design:
Gregor Lorenci

Sound design:

Video design:
Domen MArtinčič

Animation adviser:
Brane Vižintin

Assistant director:
Juš A. Zidar

Puppet design assistant:
Ivana Matuzović

Making of scenography:
Rosana Knavs

Head technician:
Tilen Vipotnik

Technical crew:
Tilen Vipotnik, Matej Primec

Ivan Valtl

Mini teater and Novo kazalište Zagreb

With the support of Institut français in the frame of "Theatre export"

Premiere in Mini teater:
27th of September 2014

Postdrama performance

Duration 45 min

»We could imagine something very quiet and soft. See some kind of dance of death in front of us. Mortuary enchantingness. In the darkness and light. A silent dialogue after death. Bodies and words asking beings to come back – from the silent world of the dead – and make love in front of our eyes.« pascal rambert

The first staging of Revenir premiered at Mini teater as s part of the international European project The Experimental Academy. The play was written and directed by Pascal Rambert, one of the most prominent French theatre and film directors, and it talks about a meeting of two lovers after their death. Saška Rakef went to see the performance.

The light is slowly fading out. Slowly. Very slowly. We are sinking into the world of the performance. We land in darkness. Total darkness. The silence is interrupted by a barely perceivable sound, like a distant roar. Barely perceivable. Is it a projection? Is it a person? What will happen? What will be the exposition, climax, resolution? Revenir destroys the expectations. Nothing will happen. Or, it will happen in a different way. Pascal Rambert’s new work is a masterful frame for our own story, and all the elements equally contribute to its creation – sound, movement, light, speech. It is an improvisation within the frame of a carefully designed structure. It is a calculated in-depth exploration of all theatrical expressions, and at the same time it is an unbending minimalism. It is an impulse for our own story. It is a loud silence for all those words you wanted to say to your darling girl, but you never did. For all those words you wanted to say to your darling boy, but you never did. Revenir is less than we expected and more than we could wish for.

RADIO SLO 1, 28.09.2014 - Radio review by Saška Rakef