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Damir Karakaš

Zlatko Wurzberg

Ivica Buljan

Irie Philippe Irie Bi (Muki), Larissa Ouei (Sunny), Landry Kouamé Bienvenu Amon (Student), N' Goran Kouamé Armand (Policeman)

Robert Waltl

Kone Wagnelba et Le Cresas

Ana Savić Gecan

N' Goran Kouamé Armand

Mini teater / Compagnie Yeyotheatre Abidjan / Novo kazalište Zagreb

Premiere in Mini teater:
22nd of April 2014

An empty and deserted apartement in the time of a political campaign. Muki and his pregnant friend Sončica have to carry out an assassination of the presidential candidate to earn enough money for their departure for Paris - the city that for them has  became a mythical place of better opportunities, as opposed to the hopeless every-day image of "the nation of loosers"  they are trying to escape.

However,  their plan is brought to a halt by the student - a resigned pacifist whose calmed beliefs show only pale remains of resistance and the wish to end social conventions. The three members of the young and lost generation begin to re-question the reasons for their dissatisfaction with the society and the motives that force them toward changes. The idealistic struggle for a "more just society", the need for revolution, the selfish materialistic motivations and personal frustrations all interwined in the motive of the Sniper - whose bullet has to kill a high-profile politician - with the Sniper serving as a methaphorical demonstration of the confrontation with the society and oneself.

We wish to thank:

Mrs. Gisele Chatelin, Denise Mettoua, Mister Nicolas Frelot, Abou Kamate, Zie Coulibaly, Ablas Ouedraogo, Vagba Obou Desales, Acho Weyer

L’Institut français Abidjan, Institut Goethe Abidjan, Le M.A.S.A, Le R.I.A.C, Le B.A.C, Le Fitha, INSAAC, Le LEA