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Pascal Rambert visits Mini teater!

On Thursday, 6th of February 2014 author of Love's End Pascal Rambert (Clôture de l'amour) visited Mini teater in Ljubljana! After wathing the performance Love's End with Pia Zamljič and Marko Mandić directed by Ivica Buljan and after the performance an interesting discussion with Pascal Rambert, Pia Zemljič, Marko Mandić, Ivica Buljan, Robert Waltl and Suzana Koncut took place. Besides Love's End we also talked a bit abour Rambert's return to Mini teater and the excitement about his upcoming direction of his author text Revenir in Mini teater in the beginning of the 2014/15 season.

Pascal Rambert (1962) is a theatre, opera and film director, a playwright and a choreographer. Since 2007 he has been managing the Théâtre de Gennevilliers (T2G), making it a renowned place of contemporary creation and a meeting point of theatre, opera, dance, visual arts, film and philosophy.

His creations (theatre and dance) have been staged also across the borders of France – in most European countries, in Northern America and in Asia. His texts (drama, prose and poetry) are published by the French publishing house Solitaires Intempestifs, and they are translated in English, Russian, Italian, German, Chinese, Croatian, Slovenian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.

Love’s End (Clôture de l'amour) had its premiere in 2011 at Avignon Festival with Audrey Bonnet and Stanislas Nordey in main roles. Later it was staged also in Moscow, New York, Zagreb, Rome, Tokio, Berlin, Silba, Zadar, Ptuj and Ljubljana.

In his work Pascal Rambert tries to understand the reality by moving far away from the traditional narrative procedures. He endeavours to give the reality a voice and a body and he is constantly renewing the ways and forms of performance in front of the audience. Running away from the usual ways of writing for theatre, from the stereotypes in narration and in directing, he creates plays that are somewhere between a performance art and an installation, they are singular »transformations of realtiy«. His works, deeply enrooted in contemporary art and philosophy, are »patches of white« and the spectators are invited to fill them with their own thought.