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Knut Hamsun

Author of the stage adaptation, dramaturge and director:
Janez Pipan

Marko Mandić, Nina Rakovec, Brane Grubar, Tadej Pišek, Nina Valič, Maruša Majer

Marija Zlatnar Moe

Sanja Jurca Avci

Ana Savić Gecan

Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar

Light design:
Andrej Hajdinjak

Language consultant:
Barbara Rogelj

Costumography and scenography assistant:
Rosana Knavs

Assistant inspicient:
Matej Primec

Head technician in Mini teater:
Tilen Vipotnik

Technical team in Mini teater:
Tilen Vipotnik, Matej Primec, Anže Kreč, Rosana Knavs, David Cerar, Ivan Waltl, Brina Klampfer

Miha Fras

Mini teater and City Theatre Ptuj

Premiere in Mini teater:
14th June 2015

Premiere in City Theatre Ptuj:
4th of September 2015

Duration 2h 45 min
Performance with intermission

About the performance

Great master of direction, professor and literarure conoceur, Janez Pipan, along with his artistic coworkers offered a new interpretation of one of world's classics of modernism – Hunger by knut Hamsun, work that has predicted the events of the 20th Century and is in its questioning of drastic deviations of capitalism very current aslo today.

Cult novel, the story about a young man who cannot find work and is literally dying of hunger, is an arhemodel that are thretening today. Because of the obsolete Slovenian translation  (1925) we asked translator Marija Zlatnar Moe for a new one. The performance is based on acting creations of excellent drama actors Marko Mandić ter Nina Rakovec, Brane Grubar, Tadej Pišek, Nina Valič in Maruša Majer.

Economic and moral crysis that has captured the Western civilization in the last seven years is calling for a requestioning of the social concept of capitalism that has with the end of Cold War became the leading and only acknowledged model of our society and the one for which we should strive.

The Western world has blinded itself in the illusion that such a model is not anly the answer for the continuous prosperity but also for moral and ethical cleaning of the world. And from this originate also the attempts to, by implementing democracy and capitalism, transform also that other societies and nations of this world that  live in different systems and according to different values.

With the crysis not only economical but also social and ethical effects arise. It has revealed the inhumanity of such a sysiem and there are more and more that, like the mail caracter of Hamsun's novel, face the questuions of basic physical existance. For that today's moment calls for staging and pefrorming this text of the contraversial Norwegian author.