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Latest news

Duration of the project

01. 05. 2013 -  31. 10. 2014

18 month duration of the project

Partners in the ETA project

Coordinator of the project

Coordinator: Mini Teater: Ljubljana, SI (Slovenia)


Co-organiser: UO Novo Kazalište: Zagreb,HR (Croatia)

Co-organiser: Estonian State Puppet Theatre - NUKU: Talinn, EE (Estonia)

Co-organiser: Dječije pozorište lutaka Banja Luka, Republika srpska  (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

Co-organiser: Gradsko kazalište lutaka, Split, (Croatia)

Co-organiser: Maladype Szinhaz: Budapest, HU (Hungary)

Short description of the project

The idea of the project is to inspire the European tradition from antique, renaissance, proclamation to postmodern techniques of knowledge transfer. Young directors have when finishing their studies all the theoretical knowledge but very little or no experience at all. On the other hand the doors of European theaters are closed for them. The only choice they have is to establish themselves in their own home environment. With this new project we wish to enable young directors in the project partner countries the contact with the best artists and train them of different methodologies.

In this project 10 most renowned directors from eminent institutions with longlasting tradition will cooperate (Mini teater, Slovenia, Estonian State Puppet Theater EE, Dječje pozorište lutaka Banja Luka – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gradsko kazalište lutaka, Split – Croatia, Novo Kazalište Zagreb – Croatia and Maladype Szinhaz, Budapest – Hungary). Besides the artists from the stated theaters the project will also include renowned directors from France – Pascal Rambert, from Czech republic – Marek Bečka and from Slovenia – Jelena Sitar. 

With this project we wish to minimize the differences between individual countries that are involved in the project and give young directors after their finished studied the intense work with renowned directors and artist within EU. Different workshops that will be carried out throughout the project will represent the motor of innovativeness. Internationally formed groups that will carry out a certain activity will have a great opportunity to trade experiences and there for creating performances at a completely different level that they would have done using only their local skills and knowledge. The concept of the project is set generally for workshops with students to be carried out by artists from other countries and not from the country in which the performance will be created. With such approach we wish to include and enable international trading of knowledge, experience, methodology … 

In the project we have included also partners from the candidate countries for EU membership that have little experience with international cooperation. With this project they will gain valuable international experiences of renowned world artist and the knowledge that these artists possess. While creating this project and inclusion of the partners in the project we had a clear goal ahead of us – international dimension of the project.

Artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Czech republic, France, Hungary, Serbia and Estonia will transfer their knowledge to younger ones who have completed their studies in Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Estonia. The team of young directors will gain valuable international experience. The result of the joined work will be a performance that will be seen by a large circle of audiences in the country of its development. With the project we will achieve the circulation of knowledge, methodologies, approaches etc. amongst individual countries and mainly between younger and older artists from different countries. We estimate that we will to at leats 60 young artist enable the cooperation with artist from other countries and there for contribute to greater mobility of artists within EU and candidate countries for EU membership and artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As explained by Robert Waltl, the director of Mini Teater, based on many years of experience with direction as well as leading and coordinating European projects: »After graduating from university, young directors might have all the theoretical knowledge they need, but no practical experience. At the same time, the doors of European theatres remain shut for them. The only way to establish themselves is slowly and gradually, mostly through working in their home environment. This is why we will make it possible for the youth in the participating countries to have contact with the very best artists and thus learn the methodology, while gaining valuable international experience, skills and in-depth knowledge of the methods employed by renowned artists.«

We will enable young artist intensive work with top directors, costume designers, set designers and technical staff in eminent institutions. If finishing the studies represents a conclusion of a certain period the project will represent the time, best actors, facilities and all the dramaturge material to gain in a new way in a relatively short time many valuable information for independent work. Within the framework of the Experimental Theatre Academy - an international European project lead and coordinated by MiniTeater from Ljubljana, we invite young directors, dramaturges, and students of both direction and dramaturgy, to participate in international workshops with top directors in renowned theatres (Mini Teater from Slovenia, NUKU theatre from Estonia, The Children's Theatre from Banja Luka from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the City Puppet Theatre from Split and the New Theatre of Zagreb from Croatia, and the Maladype Theatre from Hungary).

The multiple award-winning, established, renowned and experienced directors Ivica Buljan (CR), Robert Waltl, Nejc Gazvoda and Jelena Sitar (SI), Pascal Rambert (FR), Taavi Tõnisson (ES), Zoltán Balázs (HU), Marek Bečka (CZ) and Ágnes Kuthy (HU) will transfer their knowledge to young participants who finished schools in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Estonia, and who will thereby gain valuable theatre experience. The workshops will take place in Ljubljana, Budapest, Tallinn, Split, Ptuj and Banja Luka.

 »We will make it possible for the young artists, work intensively with top directors, costume and stage set designers, as well as the technical staff in institutions of high esteem. If finishing school is one phase, which has now been closed, it is our intention to provide the best actors, space and dramaturgical material for the next phase, during which the new graduates are given the opportunity to gain valuable information for their independent work.«

Waltl goes on to add: »Within the project, exchange of knowledge, methodologies and approaches is achieved not only among the individual countries, but first and foremost between the young and older artist from different places. /.../ We estimate to be able to enable at least 60 young artists to collaborate with artists from other countries, thereby simultaneously contributing to greater artist mobility within the countries of the EU, countries in the process of gaining membership and the artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.«

International Workshops: Activities of the project

Activity No. 1

Kick-off meeting

Date: 7.10.2013

Dječije Pozorište, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Activity No. 2

WS with Zoltán Balázs for the performance Macbeth/Anatomy at the Maladype Theater, Budapest, Hungary

Date: 23.8. - 31.8.2013

Done: 31.8.2013

Maladype Theater, Budimpešta, Hungary

WS participants: Kadri Kalda, EStonija; Juš A. Zidar, Slovenia, Frana M. Vranković, Croatia, Slobodan Branković, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Beata Gerendas, Avstrija, Gergely Pebat, Hungary


Activity No. 3

WS with Marek Bečka for the performance Brave Molly in Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Datum izvedbe: 16. - 20.9.2013

Done:  20.9.2013

Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenija

WS participants: Nika Leskovšek, Tea Kovše, Slovenia; Aleksandar Pejaković, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Mario Lukajić, Hrvaška, Ana Erdeos, Hungary


Activity No. 4

WS with Jelena Sitar for the performance Mouse Story in the Split Puppet Theatre

Date: 29.9. - 3.10.2014

Done:  3.10.2014

Gradsko pozorište lutaka Split, Croatiy

WS participants: Liina Leinberg, Estonia, Kristina Gavran, Croatia


Activity No. 5

Partner meeting

Date: 29.11.2013

Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Activity No. 6

WS with Ivica Buljan for the performance Love's End, Ptuj, Slovenia

Date: 17. - 23.8.2013

Done:  23.8.2013

MG Ptuj, Ptuj, Slovenija

WS participants: Laszlo Csuja, Madžarska; Nikolina Medić, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Tjaša Črnigoj, Slovenija, Brina Klampfer, Slovenia;  Srđan Sandić, Hrvaška; Sandra Lange, Estonia


Activity No. 7

WS with Ivica Buljan for the performance Roberto Zucco in the Maladype Theatre, Budapest, Hungary

Date:  18. - 23.11.2013

Done: 23.11.2013

Maladype Theater, Budimpešta, Hungary

WS participants: Paolo Tišljarić, Hrvaška; Sandi Jesenik, Slovenia; Pelbat Gergely, Hungary; Kaia Maarit Kalvet, Estonia


Activity No. 8

WS with Robert Waltl for the performance The Jungle Book at The Children's Theatre in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date: 30.9. - 7.10.2013

Done: 7.10.2013

Dječije Pozorište, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

WS participants: Anja Krušnik, Slovenia, Srđan Sandić, Hrvaška; Lejla Muracaus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mario Lukajić, Croatia; Jannika Tammaru, Estonija, participant from Hungary


Activity No. 9

WS with Robert Waltl for the performance Meet at the Ark At Eight in Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: 1. - 5.9.2014

Done:  5.9.2014

Ljubljana, Slovenia

WS participants: Petra Težak, Hrvaška; Liina Leinberg, Estonia


Activity No. 10

WS with Ágnes Kuthy for the performance How to catch a star in the Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: 3. - 8.3.2014

Done: 8.3.2014

Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia

WS participants: Jan Tomandl, Slovaška, Ana Fekete, Hungary, Bojana Jelovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lennart Peep, Estonija, Brina Klampfer, Slovenia


Activity No. 11

WS with Nejc Gazvoda for the performance Game in Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: 16. - 21.10.2013

Done: 21.10.2013

Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenija

WS participants: Sandi Jesenik, Brina Klampfer, Anja Krušnik, Tea Kovše, Slovenia; Ana Zsigo, Hunagry; Kaisa Selde, Estonia, Dragana Dedović, Mario Lukaić, Tijana Jozić, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Activity No. 12

WS with Pascal Rambert for the performance Revenir in Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: 22. - 26.9.2014

Done: 26.9.2014

Mini teater, Ljubljana, Slovenia

WS participants: Anja Novak, Žen Perko, Juš A. Zidar, Rok Andres, Tina Grabnar, Slovenia, Kalju Karl Kivi, Estonia, Kristina Gavran, Croatia


Activity No. 13

WS with Taavi Tõnisson for the performance Emma ja ajakivi in NUKU Theatre, Talin, Estonia

Date: 22. - 27.4.2014

Done: 27.4.2014

NUKU, Talin, Estonia

WS participants: Rok Andres, Slovenia, Srđan Sandić, Croatia, Anna Zsigo, Hungary


Activity No. 14

Partner meeting, e-meeting

Date: april 2014

NUKU, Talin, Estonia