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European Day of Jewish Culture 2014, Women in Judaism, in Mini teater / Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana

European day of Jewish Culture 2014, Women in Judaism

Mini teater / Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana - Križevniška 1/3



Saturday, 13.9.2014

8 pm              

"The Strawberry Girl" - theatre performance / text by Savyon Liebrecht, directed by Tjaša Črnigoj, interpreted by Vesna Vončina

entry - 15eur / students and retired - 8eur


Sunday, 14.9. 2014

11 am            

Exhibition opening - "The Jewish Cycle of Life / The Everyday Jewish Way of Life" / concept: Maja Kutin and Alja Klešnik / authors: members and friends of the Jewish community of Slovenia

We would like to thank the City Museum of Ljubljana for the execution of the project.


12 pm

"Sitting down with the Jews of Prekmurje - a cookbook after scripture" / presentation of a book by Bojan Zadravec. In the presentation the violinist Andrej Huterer will join us, while the  conversation will be led by Robert Waltl.


12.30 pm

Women in Judaism / "Shabbat Ha’Malka / Shabbat, the Queen" - an augmented reality rendition of Shabbat Candle Lighting, premiere AV project Jews in Ljubljana/ Revolv AR

We would like to thank Revolv AR Ltd., JKCL and The Municipality of Ljubljana for the organization of the event / production: Mini Teater / execution: Matija Ravitz, Nadav Sagir and Robert Waltl


5 pm

Jews in Ljubljana / "Katja Delak - Katya Delakova (1914-1991) - Modern dance from Štefanova street in Ljubljana to the Y on 92nd St. NY - a sketch for a portrait" / lecture by Rok Vevar


6.30 pm         

Literary afternoon

Maja Kutin accompanied by guitarist Matej Fele reads a short story by Nobel Prize winner Smuel Agnon - "Tehila"

Barbara Pogačnik reads poetry by Jewish poets Elsa Laske-Schuler, Nelly Sachs, Anna Ahmatova and Hava Pinchas


8 pm              

"Let me listen to myself" - recital / selection and interpretation by Polona Vetrih


Free entry to all events - voluntary contributions welcome

The programming and execution of the European Day of Jewish Culture were made possible by Mini Teater and the Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana.


We would like to thank Maja Kutin, Polona Vetrih, Barbaria Pogačnik, Matija Ravitzu, Nadav Sagir, Matej Fele, Rok Vevar, Boru Pungerčiču, Revolv AR Ltd., The City Museum of Ljubljana,  Mini Teater Ljubljana, as well as the members of the Jewish Cultural Center, who provided the catering for the events.

Programme coordinator Robert Waltl, director of the Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana.