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Already 5 years of Mini teater on Križevniška Street

Marking 5 years from the gala opening on October 23rd 2009

MINIIS(NOT)MINIis a slogan with which Mini teater is marching also to the future. But despite its name Mini teater was never small to begin with.

For over 15 years Mini teater has been an important part of Ljubljana’s independent cultural scene. With its foundation the city gained a top art institution, a rare example of public-private partnership guaranteeing a quality repertoire for children and adults, a specialty in Slovene art scene.

Today Mini teater has two locations, one at Ljubljana Castle and one at Križevniška 1. A few years ago an old townhouse was turned into a modern cultural centre with the help of EGP Financial Mechanism, EEA Norway Financial Mechanism, City Municipality of Ljubljana and other donors and sponsors. While the hall in Ljubljana Castle brings the magic of puppets to children of all ages, in Križevniška performances for children and adults go hand in hand. Both venues are always open to interesting guest artists.

In 5 years since Mini teater has moved also to Križevniška Street 1 we note1.697 performances and events with.961 visitors. The whole turnover of Mini teater from 2009 to 2014 is 4.056.688 €, from that MOL cofinancing 799.160 €, MZK cofinancing 801.149 €, Turizem Ljubljana cofinancing 348.275 €, EU for the programme (2010-2014) cofinancing 441.037 €, Norwegian fund for the building and construction (2009-2011) cofinancing 600.546 € and turnover on the market from 2009 to 2014 1.297.801 €.

Mini teater’s performances soon started to outgrow its initial direction and limitations. With around 100 in house productions and over 150 actors performing in them, Mini teater is one of the most successful theatres of its kind. To organize almost 500 events annually of which more than 300 performances for children, 90 performances for adults, and to invite 70.000 participants, either as collaborators or as audience is a great success. Mini teater is regularly invited to renowned international theatre festivals and is touring not only around Slovenia, the Balkans or Europe but also to such far away countries like USA, Korea, Venezuela, Cuba or Iran, Pakistan, Armenia and Russia, carrying the name of Ljubljana and Slovenia across the borders and placing them on the cultural map of the World.

Mini teater has received numerous awards from juries of experts and from audiences. They are not only proof of the great works it creates but also an unwritten commitment to continue with the same level of quality and diversity. Mini teater is the only independent Slovene theatre that has won the Grand Prix for the best performance twice in a row at the Maribor Theatre Festival, the most prestigious theatre festival in Slovenia.

Mini teater boasts not only with quality but also with quantity of performances being produced every year. Our production never falls into artistic laziness by repeating already seen artistic expressions. Instead we always strive for creative exploration of puppet and dramatic expression. Our repertoire is characterised by artistic diversity, quality and careful age segmentation in mind. We take special care in attracting the best collaborators to our projects and have built a broad network of co-producers. Our work was recognised both by theatre critics and general audience. With our performances we have been touring around the world visiting many prestigeous festivals along the way.

By staging plays for children and adults, organising international festivals, participating at other city activities and starting the project of the Cultural Quarter Križevniška, Mini teater established itself as a relevant cultural spot in Ljubljana. No, Mini teater is by no means mini.

What can we say – welcome to Mini teater! Come and see a children’s puppet performance or a postdramatic one for adults. Visit an exhibition, a literary reading or a concert. Take a walk around Križevniška Street or Ljubljana Castle resting under the treetops and enjoy the magic Mini teater offers.