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Alen Prošić

Alen Prošić

Lara Vouk, Maša Grošelj

Nina Šorak

Light and set design:
Igor Remeta


Mini teater 

Premiere in Mini teater:
27th March 2015

Inspired by the movie Blue is the warmest colour 

Radical theatre performance

Recommended for viewers over 18 yrs

About the performance

pornography showing and treatment of sexuality only for erotic arousal and pleasure

If pornography arouses then #pornographia arouses senses

#pornographia directed by Alen Prošič is an author project of hybridTheatre inspired by the film Blue is the warmest color awarded with the Golden Palm Award, and the eponymus comic by Julie Maroh on wich also the film is based. The performance in the »theatre Dogma« style reduces the idea of hybrid theatre almost only on dialogue. Love story of Emma and Adele, played by Lara Vouk and Maša Grošelj, is interpreted anew. It is faced with a challenge in which all prejudice must be shed and it must face the caracters without restraints. Although it is conciesly borrowing basic characteristics of the original it is by mixing reality and illusion contentualy moving away at the same time. By this it adds the story multilayering while taking their love on a higher level.

Their meeting is not a coincidence. It is a movif. While Adele appears as a weak and intrapped individual Emma presents herself in the light of absolute freedom. As a wish that has manifested itself in a person. Between them a seeming distance appears, a distance that is gradualy dissappearing and at one poit dissappears completely. The power ratio evens out and the door to their intimacy opens. Through the conversation they slowly show their feelings while the question of love in the end finally uncovers and strips them. Emma becomes the victim of her own beliefs, her power is slowly melting away and the tables turn, their roles reverse. Word are not necessary anymore, only silence is left.

About the director

»Stories that some find too vulgar, repulsive – or even ugly have alvays excited me. Lorelei, Anticrist and now #pornographia. It seems I am a representative of this other, less pathetic half of the "lost generation"«Alen Prošić

Some know him as a philosopher but most got to know Alen Prošić through his performance Anticrist in his direction and based on his text. People like Alen are role models, give motivation and inspiration. And such is also #pornographia.

Festivals and tours abroad

16th International Festival of chamber theatre Leone D'Oro, Croatia; July 2015