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Invitation to the lecture by Mirko Ilić, The Symbols of Hatred


On the last day of the festival, Sunday February 8th 2015 at 11 AM in Mini teater on Križevniška Street 1, Mirko Ilić will hold also a multimedial lecture, The Symbols of Hatred. He will talk about the pervasive neo-fascist iconography in public areas on the territory of the former Yugoslavia and beyond. His lecture discusses local and regional problem of public suppression or neglect of the graphic symbols and hate speech of neo-Nazi groups (skinheads, neo-Nazis and extreme soccer fans) which have recently strengthened, become larger and more violent.

The lecture will be comprised of two parts – the lecture by Mirko Ilić on the topic »Symbols of Hatred« and a discussion on the topic with the participants.

We believe that the response of the Slovene public after the revelation of the neo-Nazi groups that operate in Slovenia will be big.

We are looking forward to your company!

All the festival programmes are free of charge. The number of tickets is limited. Free tickets are available at the Mini teater box office on Križevniška Street 1 in the opening hours. In case of availability the tickets will be available also before the screenings.