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International European Project PNA IV
International Travelling Workshop of Theatre Improvement Ecole des Maîtres XXIV

Ivica Buljan

Benjamin Krnetić, Yuri D’Agostino, Silvia Pietta, Elisabetta Scarano, Giovanni Serratore, Camille Grange, Berdine Nusselder, Marie Simonet, Baptiste Sornin, Luca Anić, Ivan Colarić, Silvio Mumelaš, Petra Svrtan, Gautier Boxebeld, Anaïs Muller, Cécile Roger, Leonor Coutinho Cabral, Patrícia Pinheiro, Vanda Ricardo Rodrigues, João Ventura

Robert Waltl

Zlatko Wurzberg, Mirna Rustemović

Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar

Ana Savić Gecan

Project partners and artistic leadership:
Mini teater Ljubljana (Slovenia), Hrvatsko narodno kazalište / Festival svjetskog kazališta (Croatia), CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy), CREPA - Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation en Pédagogie Artistique (CFWB/Belgum), TAGV - Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Colectivo 84 (Portugal), La Comédie de Reims, Centre Dramatique National (France)

As a part of projects:
PNA IV in Ecole des Maîtres

Slovene premiere:
10th September 2015, Stara Mestna elektrarna - Elektro Ljubljana, Slomškova 18

180 min


Director Ivica Buljan continues his work in the postdrama program of Mini teater with the direction of theatre performans Capital by Thomas Piketty. Slovenian premiere, which was also Mini teater's first postdrama premiere of the season, was on September 10th 2015 in Stara mestna elektrarna – Elektro Ljubljana.

Ivica Buljan wants to use the idea of Capital for the discussion about its essence, as a means of expression in the same way that mithology and its archetypes were used in the antient theatre. In his work Buljan leaned on different authors and different aspects of capital – economic, social, symbolic, cultural, as well as different topics of economic enaquality, social rights, progress, way of hegemony.

Research of the thesis that financial enaquality in the 21st Century is increasing and reaching dangerous hights is going on as a part of international projects PNA IV that is fot the 4th time lead by Mini teater, and Ecole des Maîtres project, the 24th eddition of progressive theatre education. Along Italy, Croatia, Belgium, France and Portugal with Mini teater's collaboration Slovenia is for the first time also a part of it. The honour of this year's leadership was entrusted to Ivica Buljan, for this year's collaboration 20 actors were selected, among them also Slovenian actor Benjamin Krnetić. A part of Kapital creative and artistic team were also Robert Waltl as assistant director and Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar as composer.

In this year's l' Ecole des Maîtres UIvica Buljan and the participants work on the project named Capital based on reading of the standard work of the French economist Thomas Piketty who in his work handles the topic of mechanisms of the modern capitalism. The central concept around which the 24th  l'Ecole des Maîtres focuses will through the performans of the experimental theatre enlight one of the key concepts of the modern world.

The original idea includes also thoughts of Pier Paolo Pasolini who handeled similar questions. Mostly in his recent works in-depth analysis of the modern consumer society arise, in which he acuses the capitalist logic and devaluation of people who have themselves become a commodity.

Along Pasolini's the workalso includes fragments from texts of Shakespere, Koltèa, Molièr, Mara, Foucault, Baurdieu and Andres. All the participants in the project Capital suggest topics, images, fragments and segments of the text and also wholesome ideas for the presentation.

Workshops and public performances

The results of l'Ecole des Maîtres Workshops will be presented to public in a form of an open study session at the end of the workshop in Videm and in five different final performances in Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy and Belgium.


16. to 27.8. Italy (Udine)

29.8. to 9.9. Croatia (Zagreb)

Final public performances

Videm/Udine, 27.8.2015

Zagreb, 9.9.2015

Ljubljana, 10.9.2015

Rome, 13.9. 2015

Coimbra, 17.10.2015

Brussels, 20.10.2015


The project will encompass activities aimed at improving the contacts and exchange of knowledge among the partner countries. The goal of the project is also establishing contact between the younger generation, emerging from universities, and older, experienced artists. But mostly, it is about implementing the ancient Greek method of transferring knowledge and skills from the masters to the young.

The proposed project is similar to this in the aspect of being predominantly intended for the mobility of artists, education and creation of different performances of different techniques and with diverse direction concepts.

The basic purpose of the project is the organization of workshops which will allow young and actors to meet the masters of theatre and together create different performances. All the teams are fully international and all include artists from different countries and environments, creating together on a common theme. The themes cover a wide assortment ranging from classical motifs to new original texts, which will be written especially for these pieces. Great emphasis will be put on improvisation throughout the process.

After the the completion of the performances, great intention will be paid to the presentation of the projects in different environments the authors themselves stamm from.

Ecole des Maîtres

The Ecole des Maîtres is an international, advanced level master class with an itinerant format. The workshop is delivered at different sites within the European countries participating in the project. Originally created and directed by Franco Quadri, the Ecole is dedicated to young professional European actors and offers participants the opportunity to meet some of the most important directors on the contemporary theatre scene. Following Quadri’s death in 2011, the mantle passed to the partner theatres, who, building on his legacy and vision, took over the responsibilities of the school’s art direction.

To date, the school has invited the following theatre masters to lead the course: Luca Ronconi, Jerzy Grotowski, Anatolij Vasil’ev, Jacques Lassalle, Jacques Delcuvellerie, Luis Miguel Cintra, Yannis Kokkos, Lev Dodin, Peter Stein, Alfredo Arias, Dario Fo, Matthias Langhoff, Eimuntas Nekrosius, Massimo Castri, Jean-Louis Martinelli, Giancarlo Cobelli, Denis Marleau, Jan Fabre, Carlo Cecchi, Rodrigo Garcia, Pippo Delbono, Antonio Latella, Enrique Diaz, Arthur Nauzyciel, Matthew Lenton, Rafael Spregelburd, Constanza Macras, and ricci/forte.

Project partners and art direction: CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy, CREPA - Centre de Recherche et d’Expérimentation en Pédagogie Artistique (CFWB/Belgique), TAGV - Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Colectivo 84 (Portugal), La Comédie de Reims, Centre Dramatique National (France), Croatian National Theatre / World Theatre Festival (Croatia), Mini teater Ljubljana (Slovenia).