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Buchty a Loutky: Marek Bečka, Zuzana Bruknerova, Vit Brukner, Radek Beran

Jose and Vesna Vončina

Scenography and puppets:
Bára Čechová

Vít Brukner

Animation Workshop:
6 students of dramaturgy, acting and animation

Radek Beran, Vit Brukner, Zuzana Bruknerova, Marek Bečka

Mini teater in cooperation with Buchty a Loutky (Czech Republic)

As a part of the project:

30th January 2016

Performance for children from 3 to 10 yrs

About the performance

A very new and special performance inspired by the  classical Slovak national fairytale „Zlatovláska“.

There are many versions of this story, all Slavic nations have their own version. This Slovak one  is a little bit different, the Goldilocks is not a princes at the beginning. She is a poor girl with a brother. Siblings have to leave their stepmother. Her golden hair help them to go trough the whole story.

The set design is very traditional for the Buchty a loutky theatre as well as shows we presented in Ljubljana. Our designer Bára Čechova prepared hand carved wooden marionettes and we would like to build very precisely animated show. We plan to create an interesting story accompanied by the music from Vít Brukner. We choose a poetic way of acting performed by experienced actors.  

In his adaptation of original texts the director Marek Bečka preserves basic play lines while with bold approaches forming a unique sharpness of humor and expressing real and current image of the world at the same time. He created a number of street performances and puppet performances for the youngest spectators known to Mini teater’s audiences already by performances Snow White, Puss in Boots, The Whishing Table and Brave Molly. And we believe that Goldilock will be the same

Czech director and puppeteer Marek Bečka was born in 1964 in Plzen, he graduated at the Theatre Academy in Prague (DAMU). In his rich career he acted at the DRAK Theatre in Hradec Kralowe and later as a freelance artists. He is also the co-founder of the puppet theatre Buchty a loutky in Prague.