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Director and author of concept:
Petar Todorov

Devised and performed by:
Vesna Vončina, Tadej Pišek, Iztok Drabik Jug

Puppet, stage and costume design:
Enid and Staffan Björklund

Mini teater (Slovenia) in cooperation with Pro Rodopi Art Centre (Bulgaria) and Staffan Björklund Teater (Sweeden)

As a part of project:

As a part of the project a Workshop of creative writing and puppet animation was carried out
Menthor Petar Todorov

April 2016

Visual-puppet performance for children from 3 yrs

Duration 40 min

Love is general source of Life. Love is what makes us Human beings.

What Love is? Should we be ashamed of that feeling? Do we and how do we speak to little children about Love? How do they learn about it? Why does a boy kiss a girl? Why does a dog give birth to a small puppy? Where do flowers come from? How are human babies born? Is that some kind of magic? So many questions trying to get answers in children’s heads! And maybe some of the answers can be found in a playful way in this beautiful Mini teater’s visual theatre production Little Stories about Love.

About the performance

This international non-verbal production, created at Mini teater by Bulgarian director, Swedish stage designers and Slovene actors and musician, is a surprisingly different theatre experience for audiences. Its goal is to introduce little spectators to the idea of love through various funny improvised situations where a boy and a girl discover the biggest wonder – love as the essence of the source of life. The production is very visual and physical, and it has a modern minimalistic outlook. It speaks to kids in their language and through their imagination. In a form of a child's game, the show opens the door to further conversations between parents and children about sensitive issues of love, about questions where live things on our planet come from and how new life is born.

First stage of the project was held in January 2016 when the Bulgarian director Petar Todorov made a workshop with several Slovenian actors on writing little poetic stories about love based on their personal experience. At the end of the workshop the little stories were improvised on stage. After the workshop 2 actors were invited to continue in March and April 2016, when the actual production was developed at Mini teater Ljubljana with the participation of a musician who created the sound environment of the production live on stage. The design of puppets, scene and costumes in the production was created by Swedish visual artists Enid and Staffan Björklund.