Ivica Buljan

Jose, Petja Golec Horvat

Author of music:

Visual concept:
sonda3 + toni soprano

Ana Savić Gecan

Mini teater in cooperation with Novo kazalište Zagreb (Croatia)

As a part of the project:
Puppet Nomad Academy IV

As a part of the project Workshops of dramaturgy and computer animation were carried out

7th January 2016

Performance for children from 2 y/o

Duration 35 min

8. nov
Križevniška 1
for schools and kindergartens
18. feb
Avditorij Portorož
22. apr
KD Cerknica

About the performance

Director Ivica Buljan has in a colaboration with sonda3 + toni soprano and the actor Jose, take on an intermedia project inspired by the story of Pooh's Adventures afterThe Shit Book: The Poop Book by the Swedish author Pernilla Stalfelt.

This performance is about shit. Not the shit you have in your closet or those lying around the house or the shit in your car, but it is about shit. The stuff that comes out of your body when you have to go to the bathroom. Not the stuff that comes out the front side but the stuff that comes out of your butt. It doesn't matter how poor you are, how rich you are, how ugly you are, or how beautiful you are. It doesn't matter if you are skinny or overweight. And no matter what you may think, your shit does stink sometimes. This performance is for all of you who have ever admired your dirty deed. For those of you whose brother made you run to the bathroom because you thought someone had died only to see the longest turd ever in the stool.

Charming Swedish story by Pernilla Stalfelt  finally in Slovenian theatre for children! The story funnily and humorously and with no hesitation or taboos explains the subject that incredibly interests and amuses children.

Dr. Pooh and his assistant take us through Adventures of Pooh (The Story of Pooh) handling the subject of pooh and pooing very thoroughly and with limitless humor. They observe its cone-, sausage- in screw-like shape, compare its color and thickness depending on what we eat, remind us what happens when we have diarrhea or constipation and how important it is for babies to wear diapers. Together with children they discover different names for different kinds of pooh while having enormous fun. But pooh is not good only for our health. Children find out that pooh can change also into a very useful fertilizer which makes flowers blossom and strawberries grow, while in Africa people use pooh to build houses!

If not sooner at least after the performance we all know that "without poo(ing) we simply cannot live!"