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Coming soon: 16th Medieval day!



Locations: Križevniška Quater around Mini teater at Križevniška Street; City Suare in front of the City Hall; Prešern's Square by the Three Bridges

All that desire the path down the past will be able to do so once again in 2015 because on 3rd  October 2015 Mini teater will one again organize the traditional Medieval Day and from 2rd to 4th October also the Festival of Medieval and Renaissance music that will with numerous events and entertainment lead us on an interesting journey to past centuries.

Costumed medieval nobles, ladies and knights will once again get a lot of attention, you will be able to participate in social gatherings, setting of the knight camp while enjoying medieval music and dancing and admiring sword games and much more!

All the events are free of charge. In case of bad weather we withold the right to modify and adjust the programme.

The programme is prepared by Mini teater with the help of the Municipality of Ljubljana, Culture Department and Ljubljana Tourism.


Program of the 16th Medieval Day

In front of the City Hall  - before noon

At 11.00  Performance by the dance group Celestina

At 11.20               Performance by the music group Gita

At 11.40             Knight tournament - Red kraljevega orla

The program is accompanied by two medieval comedians, jugglers - Teater Cizamo


In Prešern Square - afternoon

At 15.00              Performance by the dance group Celestina

At 15.30              Performance by the music group Gita

At 15.45              Street performance Glumači - Teater Cizamo

The program is accompanied by the miedieval begger.


Križevniška Quarter - before noon and in the afternoon

-          In front of  Križankame

-          In front of the City Museum

-          Križevniška Street

-          Medieval atrium of Križevniška 2

-          Medieval atrium of Križevniške 3

-          Breg – at the end of Križevniška Street


From 10.00 to 18.00          Medieval market

At 10.00             Knight tournament in front of Križanke

At 10.20           From page boy to knight School –  in front of  Kižanke

At 10.40           Performance by the danes group Lonca – in front of  Križanke

At 11.00             Archery and armoury – In front of the City Museum

At 11.00             Archery and medieval photography – Breg

At 11.30             From paper to book  – Križevniška Street

At 12.00             Knight games – Medievali atrium, Križevniška Street 2

At 12.30             Medieval comedian camp – Breg

At 14.30             Knight armour forge – Medieval atrium, Križevniška Street 2

At 15.00             Three headed Dragon and the Princesses, puppet performance by Mini teater - stage

At 16.30             Knight tournament in front of Križanke

At 17.00             From page boy to knight School in front of Križanke


A part  of 16th Medieval Day are:

1.       Teater Cizamo (medieval comedian camp) - Breg

2.       KUD Klati vitez (knight's armoury, from paper to book, Slovene coat's of army, begger, animator) – Križevniška Street

3.       Varuhi kladiva (archery, armoury) – Medieval atrium of Križevniška 2

4.       Red kraljevega orla (sward techniques, knight tournament)

5.       Dance group Celestina

6.       KUD Lonca – reneissance dances

7.       Caligraphy - Janez Štampar

8.       SVITAR (From page boy to knight School, knight games, kovanje viteških oklepov, glasbena skupina GITA) – In front of the City Museum and in the medieval atrium of, Križevniška 2

9.       KUD Klati vitez

10.   KUD Sredina – Workshops, Križevniška Street

11.   tipoRenesansa, Slovenija

12.   Uredništvo pričesk Robert, hairdresser

13.   Coin mint Lučka Rehar

14.   Medieval tavern Plečnikov hram

15.   Medieval pub Mini teater

16.   Medieval merchants and craftsmen (25)

17.   Mini teater Ljubljana as the organizer