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Educational morning with Frank Stern


Frank Stern specialised in lectures including short films the which stories and visual power he conciders an extremely important means for educating and reaching younger generations by which he enables new dimensions of teaching history and emotional identification. As a part of the lecture in Ljubljana Stern will show films with which the topics of holocaust and the memory of it, tolerance, migrations and current situations in Europe will be dealt with, as well as stirring up a discussion among students and triggering thinking about these questions.

The lecture is intended for secondary school pupils (2nd - 4th grade) and students.


Frank Stern is an Austrian professor of film, modern German history and culture, lecturer at the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies of the University of Vienna, former guest professor at the Universities of Columbia, Georgetown and Berlin and outstanding authority in the field of Judaism. He isthe author of numerousacknowledgedbooks, and he initiated the Vienna Jewish Film Clubin 2008.