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Opening of the Czech Marionettes Exhibition

Mini teater is starting the new year with a new exhibition – the opening of the Czech Marionettes Exhibition from the end of the 19th Century, typical examples of “family theatres” from the mid-20th Century and current puppets of Buchty a Loutky. Opening of the exhibition on January 10th 2016 at 6 pm willl follow the performance Snow White which will start at 5 pm.

In their performances  Buchty a loutky combines old puppets and vintage scenery design with modern technologies (techniques) . They use “second-hand“, or rather “antique“ methods very often. The exhibition presents and combines some puppets from their adult shows and some unique puppets from their performances for children, best pieces from it´s private puppet collection the ensemble has collected since the theatre was founded in 1991.

Authors of the exhibition: Buchty a loutky (Marek Bečka, Vit Brukner, Zuzana Bruknerova, Radek Beran)

The exhibition is a result of a fruitfull colaboration of Mini teater from Slovenia and Buchty a loutky from Czech Republic and has been carried out as a part of the Puppet Nomad Academy IV project.

The exhibition is open from 10th to  30th January 2016 on Weekdays from 5 pm to 7pm, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 12am and from 4pm to 7pm. Admission is free.

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