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Barbara Pogačnik

Robert Waltl

Maruša Majer, Vesna Vončina / Lea Menard, Tadej Pišek, Andrei Lenart

Mirna Rustemović

Puppet animation consultant:
Brane Vižintin

Puppet and space designers:
Milica Grbić Komazec and Nikola Komazec

Zvezdana Novakovič

Author of songs:
Olja Savičević Ivančević

Light designer:
Miha Horvat

Mini teater


Puppet performance for children from 3 y/o

Based on the picture books All Here, All Together (Anja Tuckerman and Tine Shulz) and How Brave Daddy Conquered His Fear of Foreigners (Rafik Schami in Ole Konnecke) translated by Tina Mahkota (Založba Zala, 2015)

About the performance

Daddy is big and strong and he can do anything, even magic! But, look, he’s afraid of foreigners! His daughter finds this odd, so she comes up with an idea to help her smart daddy conquer fear of foreigners. Perhaps her Tanzanian friend’s birthday is a great opportunity?

What do we know about children’s lives in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan …? Are parents and teachers really afraid of the children? Instead of rejecting new cultures, we shall get to know them better. Rejection only reflects our ignorance and xenophobia. If we learn from one another we won’t care about our differences. These sentences describe our idea for the project that is inspired by the motives of two picture books.. The stories of the picture books All Here, All Together and How Brave Daddy Conquered His Fear of Foreigners show that fear of the different only paralyses us, while that meeting and accepting our differences makes us richer.