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Tina Mahkota

Directors and dramaturges:
Robert Waltl and Alen Prošić

Sandi Pavlin, Maruša Majer, Aleš Kranjec, Anže Zevnik, Vid Klemenc

Stage designer and video:
Mark Požlep

Costume designer:
Ana Savić Gecan

Danijel Daniel Vezoja

Selma Banich

Language consultant:
Mateja Dermelj

Light designer:
Mark Požlep

Mark Požlep

Lead technician:
Tilen Vipotnik

Tehnical staff:
Matej Primec, Katja Jazbec

Language consultant assistant:
Špela Kopitar

Mini teater

15th October 2017

About the performance

Jerusalem, 12th Century. Time of the crusades. Muslims, Christians and Jews are arguing who is the real god. Knight Kurt, templare, who has, almost by miracle, escaped exectution from under Sultan's hands, saves a young girl from the burning house. When he finds out that Reha is the doughter of the Jewish merchant Nathan, he at first regrets his bravery. If only he avoided the burning house! But when he gets to know Reha more closely, he is as astound by her cleverness and determination. The boy and the girl fall in love – all religious commands and prohibitions despite. Jerusalem bishop is all but thrilled. But Nathan a well can't reconsile with the fact that Reha is secretly meeting a crusader. When Kurt finds out that Reha is not Nathan's daughter but his stepdaughter he confides in the bishop who reveals his secret to the sultan … and a catastrophy almost occurs.

The conflict between the sultan, bishop and Nathan is deepening that's why Reha asks Nathan to tell the parable about the ring with which Gottfried Ephraim Lessing has, in his famous verse drama Nathan, der Weise, already in 1779 verbalised and declared his dream about tolerance and humanity.

Nathan's Children are asking (themselves) if understanding, tolerance and visdom can change the world? Will Nathan's children succeed and for all the people in the world world the »Jew, Christian, Muslim … aren't we all just people« will apply.

About the author

Ulrich Hub, born 1963, in Tübingen, is a German dramatic, actor and director, that Slovene audience already knows from the extremely successful and awarded performance Meet At The Ark At Eight directed by Robert Waltl (premiere in Mini teater on September 5th 2014), Nathan's Children (Nathans Kinder, 2009) by Hub is an adaptation of the old legend and classic material that has been knead into a contemporary story for the world of the 21st Century, in which peaceful co-exsistence of people and co-exsistence of different religions seem more distant than ever.


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