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In August 2016 Workshop for teenagers and refugees - ENCOUNTERS

How do we encounter objects? Which objects/items are meeting each other? How does it happen?

A meeting of cultures and generations using the means of puppet theater what is beyond all cultures is the encounter in itself.

From 17th to 25th of August 2016, every day between 10am and 4 pm Mini teater will organise theatre-puppet Workshops for teenagers and refugees on the subject of refugees - ENCOUNTERS, led by young director and actor Dennis Katzmann.

We invite young from the ages 14 to 18 to join. Send your applications at Number of participants is limited - participants will be invited according to the chronological order of the applications. Workshop will conclude with a public presentation on 26th of August 2016 on the stage of Mini teater.

The Workshop is carried out with the help of Govermnment Communication Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

We encounter our own mothers as babies, we meet our relatives, first friends, first teachers ... We encounter the world around us, and every day offers us the opportunity to encounter something new, to discover, to explore. We want to address and investigate various forms of encounters with theatrical means. Our workshop, offering a place for the teens and refugees to meet, presents an interesting opportunity to research this topic, as the issue is relevant for the lives of both groups.

When leaving their own culture, a refugee encounters many new things. A new country and its people, everything is new, unknown and represents a new encounter. They experience new perspective of values, interpersonal relationships and everyday events. Teenagers are also facing a lot of new encounters; the adult life is looming on the horizon. They will encounter a professional calling, studies, a relationship or a family. It is the threshold of a new life. They have no large experience of encounters yet, so they have to rely on their own intuition to master the new. The theater, especially puppet theater, allows us to investigate this sum of encounters and playfully engage with it. On stage we can try out various constellations of encounters and intensify them by changing the perception using theatrical instruments, such as acting, puppetry and others, and thus better understanding the topic. A form of perspective change could be the encounter between a man and an object or between two objects. On one hand there is the encounter with, for us, unfamiliar objects, on the other hand we try to look at what is already known, with new eyes. On the basis of scenic plays around the theme of "meeting" we want to highlight what is common and what is different for the participants and contribute to a deeper acquaintance. “How do we meet? What kinds of encounters are there? How to greet each other and how to say good-bye? How do we meet in everyday life? How do we meet on the stage?

How do we encounter objects? Which objects/items are meeting each other? How does it happen? ...” By working with materials, through animation and creation of puppets, the subject will be explored in depth. As one of the main materials we will use paper. As an everyday material, it is very versatile and can be used as a mask, as a puppet, as a costume or as a prop. By working with an easily destroyable material, the participants will gain awareness of each other and of the group.

Through various theater games we will be able to test ourselves out, to exchange our thoughts and get to know each other. At the end of the workshop there will be a presentation with some of the developed etudes. They will be presented to the public. After the presentation, we will encourage a discussion between the audience and the players.

Number of participants: 15 - 20