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Barbara Zemljič

Pia Zemljič, Tamara Avguštin, Matej Puc

Eva Mahkovic

Set designer:
Meta Hočevar

Costume designer:
Ana Savić Gecan

Miha Petric

Magdalena Rieter

Light designer:
Miha Horvat

Language cinsultant:
Klasja Zala Kovačič

Miha Fras

Mini teater

October 2017

First staging

About the performance

The play Under the Snow talks about the human relations and our psychological shadows through a triangle between a mother, a daughter and her lover. It is an intimate story full of passion and love that happens to an individual without their explicit decision or consent. Dialogues are written in a sophisticated verse form.

The plays by Saša Pavček are known for motives of stigma, the preoccupation with strangers, the adultery and the absence of one of the parents. These motives show an important role of the family in the author’s work. The male characters always want to be the first ones while the female characters want their work to be recognised. Her language in anything but usual, sometimes it is strongly marked in form if dialect, sometimes it is sophistically poetical. Her plays are always at least partially open-ended.

The performance will focus on the metaphorical part instead of the naturalistic part. Contrasts in scenography will unveil the difference between the outside world and the private thoughts of the characters, body and dance will express the intimate feelings of a guilt and shame known to all of us. The sound, as one of the key elements of the performance, will emphasise the inner states of mind of the characters. We can expect an intimate, metaphorical display of inner feelings, supported by movement and music; those shadowy sides that we usually hide.