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18th Medieval Day

Saturday, 30th September 2017
Location: Križevniška ulica, Mestni trg, Prešernov trg

The day approaches when we meet every year in spent a beautiful Saturday together. As ever year, we decided in Mini teater that this year as well the weather on Saturday, 30th September, will be pleasant and sunny, and we will have our traditional (already 18th) MEDIEVAL DAY.

Between 10:00 and 18:00, Križevniška ulica will host various tradesmen form all over Slovenia, who will offer their services and their products, all traditionally related to the Medieval Ages. Association Sezam, that delighted children already during the summer, will take care of the workshops for children, and theatre Cizamo will amuse children with medieval mischiefs. Dance group Celestina and music group Gita will perform in front of Križanke, and we will also witness knight battles performed by the Order of the Royal Eagle. A part of the events will also be held on Mestni trg and Prešernov trg.