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Claus Räfle, Germany, 2017, 110'

The Invisibles takes place in 1943 when the Nazi regime claims the Reigh’s capital of Berlin “free of Jews”. The truth is that 7000 Jews continue to survive in the capital underground or in disguise. The movie tells astory of four young Jews who live in Berlin under constant threat of death: Hanni Lévy dyes her hair blond and is able to walk the streets in plain sight of officers without a second look. Cioma Schönhaus saves not only his life but also lives of others, by forging passports from his sailboat. Eugen Friede joins the resistance and secretly distributes anti-government leaflets. Ruth Arndt impersonates a war widow while selling illegal gourmet foods in the apartment of an NS officer. Spliced with interviews of survivors whom the characters are based on, The Invisibles is a capsule of bravery and human will.

The movie will be followed by discussion with the actor Aaron Altaras and director Claus Räfle.