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JAMI DISTRICT: Documentary theatre performance on the world’s oldest nation

FRIDAY, 7. 9. 2018

Križevniška 1
1000 Ljubljana

Jami District

Documentary theatre performance on the world’s oldest nation.

"Jami District" is a theatre performance which tackles with the notion of nations and national states in the high-tech world of the 21st century. Based on the fact that a nation is a construct and a term developed in the 19th century, the performance addresses its spectator with the following questions: How did the 19th century “invention” manage to assert itself as if it has been here forever? Will the idea of a nation end up in history’s junkyard, or will those who still believe in it? What will replace nations and national countries? Or, what is worse: nations or corporations?

The premise of the performance is the fictional (but wholly possible) event of the discovery of humanity’s oldest Palaeolithic settlement in the village of Jamena at the tripoint border between Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The question of who owns the discovery creates a dispute, which leads to a war between the three countries. More than 150,000 people are dead. With the coming of peace, Jamena becomes an area under international protection, and international corporations build the largest amusement park in the world. About a hundred survivors from previously warring countries now need to amuse throngs of tourists in Neanderthal costumes...

Directed by: Kokan Mladenović
Written by: Milena Bogavac
Original music: Marko Grubić
Costume design: Ivana Nestorović
Actors: Isidora Simijonović, Vanja Nenadić, Nina Nešković
Music: Vrooom (Jamal al Kiswani, Marko Grubić)
Narrator: Danica Grubački
Production: Bitef Theatre Beograd; Cultural Center Tivat; MASZK Association Segedin; Firchie Think Tank Studio Novi Sad

Tickets: 15 € (adults), 10 € (students, retirees)
Points of sale: Mini teater Ljubljana,, Petrol gas stations