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Festival Monday

• directed by: Evgeny Ruman • duration: 90 min • year: 2013 • genre: family adventure• ISR| GER | POL
A very touching film for children and young adults deals with family relations, the love for nature, and the adventures of migrating cranes as a metaphor for today´s migrations.
Screening in collaboration with the Israeli Embassy

NOODLE →Mini teater
• directed by: Ayelet Menahemi • duration: 90 min • year: 2007 • genre: comedy drama • ISR
A very touching children’s film tells the story about a little Chinese boy whose mother is sent back to China. His Israeli surroundings have to decide what to do and how to help him.
Screening in collaboration with the Israeli Embassy

TOLERANCE POSTERS | OPENING OF THE EXHIBITIONFrench Revolution Square, Križevniška 1 and 3
Open air exhibition: The annual exhibition of posters on the topic of tolerance that we admired in the previous editions of the House of Tolerance festival and which was designed by prominent artists from around the globe, has been expanded and complemented with posters by new creators. The exhibition already toured across Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Spain, the Netherlands, and Washington, USA.

COMPARTMENTS Festival Short Film →Mini teater
• directed by: Daniella Koffler, Uli Seis • duration: 15 min • year: 2016 • genre: animated film • GER | ISR
SHOOTING LIFE →Mini teater
• directed by: David Kreiner • duration: 85 min • year: 2018 • genre: drama • ISR
An Israeli production about the life of young adults shows the problems and experiences in a town in southern Israel close to the Gaza Strip and deals with the impact of ongoing military threats on teenagers and their families.

• directed by: Leslie Thomas • duration: 96 min • year: 2018 • genre: documentary • USA | BIH | COL | COG | SRB
The festival premiere of this new American film is a contribution to the fight against the discrimination of women and the constant sexualized violence in war times. The film shows the work of prosecutors in Serbia, Bosna & Herzegovina, Congo and Columbia.