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Robert Waltl

Puppets and stage designer:
Robert Smolik


Tadej Pišek

Ana Novak, Robert Bone and Anej Ivanuša

Opening performance:
25th december 2019

Family performance for audience from 4 y/o

About the performance

The play, directed by Robert Waltl, features actor Tadej Pišek and musicians from the Noreia band - Ana Novak, Anej Ivanusha and Robert Bone, the band also composed the music for the show and songs based on songs written by Niko Grafenauer.

From the Karlovac or Written Doors and the Padava Tower through the Water Gate, the Shoemaker's Bridge, the German Gate, the Duke's Palace, the Turkish Estate, the Vicedom Palace, the Capuchin Church, Rotovž all the way to the Franciscan Church and Monastery, the Kloštr or Poljansko Gate to the Šempeter Suburbs and the Jewish Quarter.

The focus is on Ljubljana in the 16th century, when medieval life in the city was very turbulent and dynamic. Catholics, Protestants, and Jews lived more or less in unity here, and the Turks repeatedly besieged the city.After the marriage with the Spanish princess, Emperor Maximilian II walked through the city on an elephant, and so before Vienna, people in Ljubljana saw the elephant.

Ljubljana was a flourishing port for trading and a center of social life.Medieval Pasijon Games were organized.Italian street puppeteers were also regular in the city.Trubar and his adherents were developing new language and books, Jews gave the town a special liveliness, fraudulent bakes were pumped into the Ljubljanica river, and according to legend, the The Water man, who under the linden tree abducted the beautiful Urška, also lived in Ljubljanica.

Knights trained on the castle hill, where castle ladies also danced, brave St.Yuri fought the dragon and won, he also defeated the rest of the dragons and turned them into the stone for the later Dragon Bridge.The red cock was often noisy; Ljubljana bells rang at the same time and Ljubljana pipers sounded as one. All of them took care of the strong walls with six city gates.

The performance was supported by Ministry of Culture of Slovenia and City of Ljubljana.

With special thanks to Janez Lombergar, Niko Grafenauer and Brane Vižintin.