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Klemen Jelinčič Boeta

Yonatan Esterkin

Nika Korenjak

Set design:
Aleksander Blažica

Peter Harl, Saša Pavlin Stošić, Matija Rupel, Jure Kopušar in Nika Korenjak

Opening night:
December 2020

About the author

Gur Koren is dramaturge and in-house playwright at the Cameri Theater of Tel Aviv. His plays, Five Kilos of Sugar, Disabled, Romeo and Mother, and Stop Fighting, have been performed in Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, China, and at the Edinburgh Festival.

About the performance

What would you do if your dead old grandfather suddenly appeared in your life, calling you through your friends, speaking to you through strangers in the street, demanding that you change some facts in a book on World War II that's about to be published?  

Well it happened to Gur Koren. His grandpa has returned, metaphysically, from the dead, to send him on a mission that started long ago in the Ukrainian town Bialystok, during the Second World War. Who would have believed that smuggling 5 Kgs of sugar from the Nazis would haunt Gur in Tel-Aviv, Israel? And so Gur embarks on a journey. On his way, he meets all types of contemporary Israeli characters: a tough high school principle, a homeless, a neurotic girl whose car has been towed away, a waitress with beautiful breasts, an unemployed actor who loves his Hashish, a bogus spiritual-medium who loves money, a taxi driver who loves to talk about literature and a whore who hates herring.

5 Kgs of Sugar was originally a fringe production in Gur Koren's living room; the play has been chosen by Gesher Theater as part of its Young Actors project. Directed by Yevgeny Arye, Gesher's Artistic Director, a world renowned director who has been critically acclaimed in Israel and around the world and has won several awards.

The production has been running successfully for the last two and a half years. (Some fans have seen the performance more than once). Not to mention that it's very funny.