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Premiere of A Horse Walks Into a Bar

On Thursday 20th of May 2021 Mini teater presented its first premiere of 2021, this time live at the theatre with audience, the first premiere with audience since october's Birds of a Kind by Wajdi Mouawad.

David Grossman's acclaimed book A Horse Walks Into a Bar, for which he recerived prestige Man Booker International Prize in 2017 was adapted by Ivan Planinić and Natalija Manojlović into a play, translated into Slovenian by Klemen Jelenčić Boeta.

Croatian director Ivan Planinić also create the stage space and designed the light for the performance, while Natalija Manojlović also create the stage movement. Music was composed by Nikša Marinović, while Slavica Janošević did the costumes.

Actors Janja Majzelj, Gregor Zorc, Janez Starina and Janez Vlaj with Olga Kacjan in substitute role with Janja Majzelj.

David Grossman

A Horse Walks into a Bar

Director, play adaptation and space creation:
Ivan Planinić

Klemen Jelinčič Boeta

Stage movement, dramaturge and assistant of the director: 
Natalija Manojlović

Costume designer:
Slavica Janošević

Nikša Marinović

Janja Majzelj / Olga Kacjan
Grega Zorc
Janez Starina
Janez Vlaj

Light designer:
Ivan Planinić

Head of technics:
Matej Primec

David Cerar

Asiana Jurca Avci

Tee shirt design:
Dafne Jemeršič

Mini teater and Judovski kulturni center Ljubljana

Supported by:
Embassy of Israel

In cooperation with:
Beletrina, zavod za založniško dejavnost

20th May 2021

Internet premiere:
November 2020