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Presentation of the book by the author Nataša Konc Lorenzutti.

A book The word I don't have is highly shocking and, at the same time book that skillfully intertwines the past and the present; it is based on a set of true stories that are kneaded into the one that is before us. So we read a literary work, a novel, behind which are hidden hours and hours of hard research work, field research, interviews, and studies. The seasoned author, both for children and youth and adults, presents herself with a novel for adults and more ambitious (older) teenage readers.

After Nona's death, Sonja begins to be disturbed by family history. Her grandmother and her brother were left without both parents during the war, and especially on the fateful day when the Nazis separated the mothers and children, their younger sister, then still an infant, disappeared. No one could find out what was happening to her and whether she was still alive, so Sonja put it on her shoulders. While researching the fate of t.i. of stolen children, she faces many war horrors. The tracks lead her to various people, including other stolen children, who help her with their memory and testimonies. Sonja's personal story also takes place along the side.

Original title:
Beseda, ki je nimam