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Museum exhibition

Rižarna, Auschwitz, Dachau, Kaufering and Leitmeritz are the names of the concentration camps that will forever be written in the memory of Stevan Savić (Alfred Silberstein), who survived the genocide that has been committed by Nazi Germany in these camps during World War II. Stevan Savić was born to parents of Jewish descent as Alfred Silberstein in 1911 in Djurdjenovac, Croatia. He had an older brother, Joseph, and a younger brother, George. He spent his school years in Sisak, where his father Arthur Silberstein was a co-owner of a tannin factory. In 1941, he graduated from the Technical Faculty in Zagreb and became a chemical engineer. Due to the persecution of Jews by the Independent State of Croatia, he changed his name to Stevan Savić before the Second World War, and his family fled Sisak to Ljubljana.

In collaboration with the Posavje Museum Brežice, the Maribor Synagogue and Mrs. Estera Savič Bizjak.